How to Write an Entering Another World Scene


Part 1

 1. Where are they going? And who’s going?

A. What is their goal and what mission are they on?

I. Is their goal to find safety, to stay alive, to protect the world, is their goal big or small, does it pertain to only them and their family or also to a larger scale of people?


II. Who is going with them, what are they going in: such as a car or an airplane, by foot? How did they hear about this place, is there anyone there waiting for them?


III. Do they have a timeline to abide by how is the time different from the earth we live on? Think Chronicles of Narnia, how many years can be one minute on Earth.



B. What do they see when they first enter the world?

I. Describe the creatures, describe the environment around them, describe how they’re acting differently in this world if so how have they changed, if at all?


II. Is there anything out of the normal that’s happening, and how does it pertain to the story?


III. Does anyone or anything great them, does this become their guide in the new world?


C. What do they bring in the world and how are they prepared?

I. Do they bring food, shelter, commodities or even souvenirs from Earth? If so, most likely they knew they will be traveling to a different world so give a bit of backstory about how they knew.


II. If they prepared to enter this world then maybe they trained for battle, maybe they trained in order to become a Royal or to become like the creatures or humans that live in this new world, maybe they taught themselves the customs and beliefs and how to act and how to speak from this new world in order to fit in and go unrecognized.


III. What was the ultimate desire when coming into this world and how do they plan to achieve it? What skills or preparation have they done in order to make sure that their goal is achieved.


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 Part 2

 2. What warning signs, if any, do they see? What surprises or blessings are shown to them?

 A. What are the reactions, their thoughts, and their complaints?

I. Describe the concerns they may have about what’s happening in this world or the noises that they hear that they’re not too fond of.  Or how the creatures, trees, and weather are acting weird, or what if their goal isn’t actually what they wanted… maybe they change their mind about something. Do they have any doubts? Second guesses?


II. What surprises are shown to them? Are they rewarded with items and goods and prosperity? With good-looking ladies or men as servants? How about with prestige and glory along with clapping to welcome them into the new world?


III. Maybe they don’t get any warning signs or blessings until they do something that they shouldn’t or until they do something that is good. These blessings and warning signs don’t have to be given or showing right away, they can wait until the middle of your scene.



B. What creatures and objects do they encounter on this journey to another world?

I. You can recycle creatures from another world or you can create your own. They can have horns, they can have multiple eyes and ears and limbs, they can have fur, they can have something you made up entirely on your own for skin. They can also be unicorns and wolves or creatures from our earth like tigers and bears, but with different types of habits. Maybe a tiger doesn’t eat meat only flowers in this world.


II. These objects can be similar to our Earth but with magic, or they can be entirely new objects that you create on your own, but why all these objects existing is the main reason you need to answer. What do the people or creatures in this world use these objects for? How are they relevant to the story or plot? Can the character use them him or herself?


C. What differences in nature and the overall atmosphere is this world from Earth?

I.What about the environment? How is the environment treating the character? Maybe it doesn’t rain water but it rains acid, maybe it doesn’t snow ice but snows fire. I know it’s a little extreme but what in this earth is different for the environment on our Earth?


II. Use your words wisely. Does it feel eerie, does it feel peaceful like euphoria? How connected is the character to this new environment? How distant does he feel? Is he bounded to it; does he or she feel like they were meant to be on this world?


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Part 3

 3. How must they team up in order to get to where they need to be?

 A. Does the group become divided at all? Are beliefs and united goals changing?

I. Does the guide from the world want to take them somewhere completely different from their original path? Who agrees to go and follow this unusual creature? Who does not go? Are they left to their own devices? Is the world itself breaking these characters apart if so how? By mysterious ways, by direct contact? What is messing with their head...why does it feel like they’re spinning?


II. Or maybe they can’t help but team up with someone from the world. It could be a creature or human being. It could be the environment and nature itself, maybe that is the only way to get to where they need to go.


III. What if they already got their goal, such as gold or an object… now what? Do they create a new goal, do they return back home, do some people refuse to go back home because the world is so awesome and they want to explore it?


B. Does anyone from the new world help them out? Do they seem suspicious at all?

I. How’s that guide doing? Did they seem nice at first but change on the characters? Are they showing suspicious behavior?


II. You can have the guide be perfectly good, however, the group is so suspicious of them that they don’t want to divide or they don’t want to listen to the guide. This can cause strain on their journey and can probably lead them astray and to a place where they have no idea how to escape.


III. Maybe no one is helping them and they’re only guiding themselves through the world. Is that map helping at all, you know the one that they brought along with them?  Maybe the map is useless so they use a compass but does that compass even work in the New World or is it trash? How about the wind? Do they follow the wind? Can they even trust the wind? Who can they trust? Can they even trust themselves to take them to the right place?



C. What plots are they scheming against this new world already? Are their motives selfish or with good intention?

I. Do they plan to destroy this world, do they plan to take everything that’s good inside it before they destroy it, or destroy everything all together for the good of humanity and our Earth?


II. Do they plan on protecting the world no matter what, do they plan on living in the world or meeting with the creatures or humans that exist inside it? How about stealing the creatures that exist inside it for the good of science, even though their intentions are good but may not seem like the best, it’s not done out of evil.


III. They can always go from the intent of good to the intent of bad or vice a versa, depending on what happens in the world.  For instance, if they come to defend the world but inside the world they see how bad it is, they can become bad themselves through influence. Or if their intention was bad but they fell in love with a beautiful person that lives in this world, then their attentions can probably become good. Think Avatar, the movie.



Part 4

 4.How are they guided through the world? What new experiences can they enjoy?

  A. Can they ride inanimate objects that cannot be used the same way on Earth? Do they gain enhanced abilities or thoughts?

I. If they brought something to travel with from our Earth, maybe it doesn’t work on the new Earth, or it breaks, or is lost. How do they replace that? What do they do? Do they just walk? Are they giving something? Do they create something in this new world that’s better than what they had before?


II. It can be anything from flying to teleporting to riding clouds or zip lining through trees, flying dragons and odd creatures, maybe even taming a few creatures… or borrowing/stealing a native’s travel equipment.


III. What do the natives do for fun and does the characters get to experience that along the Journey of the new world? Does anyone get injured along the way or is it all good fun?



B. What mishaps happen along the way and how do they come together as a team again to defeat it?

I. A great evil, that’s not a part of the Worlds but against the world, can become a threat to the natives. These characters, even though it wasn’t their duty, can help defeat this evil thing, whatever it may be. They may even be rewarded because of that or their goal might become easier because they have defeated this evil. For instance, let’s say there is a vicious dragon blocking the pathway to their goal so they have to fight it off and they end up taming it. Now they don’t have to go all the way around another path which can take hours or even days. Instead, they can go straight through the shorter path. Bonus they have a dragon to fly.


II. Maybe someone or something got injured whether it’s from the characters or part of the new world, how do they fix it or can they not fix it and they have to learn to let it go and move on? Are there any sacrifices made?


III. Does anyone lose anything, are they even going towards the right goal or the something else that they were meant to go towards, was it all a waste of time,  did the guide from the new world not give them the correct directions? Was it on purpose or was it an accident? Does the world constantly change so one path can become another path and it can become confusing like a maze? What about the environment, are the characters suited to the environment? Did they bring the needed gear and the needed clothing, food and shelter?


C. Do they use the tools or the items they brought from Earth while they battle or simply while they are going through this new world? Or are they there for just show and if so does the new worlds creatures ask about these items?

I. Did they bring enough weapons? Are they running out of equipment and gear and energy? Is anything breaking? What do they use in place of it, do they have time to make new ones, do these weapons break in the middle of the battle? If so, they need to think on their toes. Do they have a leg up somehow? Are they more advanced than the people and creatures in this new world? Is anyone helping them?


II. Does anyone want to use their tools? Does anyone use their tools to duplicate them from the new world? How about if these tools connect to make something better, for instance, the tools from our Earth connect with the tools in the new World to create something superior, whether it’s for war, weapons, science or simply everyday life.



Part 5

 5. So they finally make it, what happens now?

 A. Who greets them?

I. Is it royalty, a group of natives or inhabitants of that world, maybe a group of people from our Earth that has made this journey before and were ahead of the characters.


II. It could be a Mystic being or treasure, it could be nothing and their goal was all fake. If so how did they react? You can also combine to make it more interesting, for instance, a Mystic being tells them that there really is no treasure or no Castle and that the journey through the new world was a test. If this is how your story happens then show the reaction of all the characters and how upset they are, if at all? Do they beg for something?


III. What if they reach their goal but is promised a better goal if they continue on with their Journey to another world?


B. Do they get a better surprise or Worse surprise than expected?

I. If they wanted treasure, how much is the treasure and is it gold, silver, Ruby or simply wooden treasure. Maybe their treasure is worth a lot in the new world but it’s not worth a lot on our Earth.


II. What if they only thought it was one treasure box but it happens to be hundreds of treasure boxes filled with all types of jewelry and gold? What if they thought it was just one item or thing or person but it happens to be many? What if they thought it was silver but it’s gold? How do they react and can they even take all of the treasure back because what if they don’t have enough space, energy or time to even take it back? This probably means they need to do two round trips.


III. Is there any last minute challenges that they need to overcome or do in order to get that treasure or their goal?


C. Does the characters even have a desire to return Earth? Or is this new world better than they hoped?

I. Why go back what is the real reason?


II. Maybe they decided to stay a little bit longer, if so, why and where do they plan on going to next?



III. End with an inspirational statement from the narrator, whether it’s the character who speaks all the writer who speaks.

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