How to Write a Twilight: Being Transformed Scene


Note: The following scene may or may not follow the rules of the book to a T. Leave a comment and let us know if you have anything to add.

Part One

  1. How are they being transformed? Is it safe for them? What is the purpose? And by whom? 

»A. What is the environment like and how does it affect the transformation? Are there witnesses besides vampires?

I. Basically, the vampire breaks any part of the skin from the human. Then they release the venom. If they stop soon enough, the human will become “unconscious” yet have a feeling a burning throughout their body. Venom in the bloodstream kills the organs by replacing normal human blood with the vampire venom. preserving them in a way…
II. Vampires part of the clan can stand by and be lookouts or watch to make sure everything goes as planned. If the vampire creating the new vampire doesn’t stop biting in time it can be fatal for the human. And are there humans standing by watching or passing? Are they next to be bitten? 
Example 1:
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»B. How is the timing? What sounds, smells and feels is the character taking in while transformation is occurring??

I. The transition from human to vampire takes a total of three days for the heart to pump the venom throughout the entire body. Sometimes the transformation is shorter depending on who much venom is injected, that way is also much more painful. Some die because of heart failure but that rarely happens  
II. Sounds can be: people, their own screams, whispers, their own thoughts, banging noise, their heart pumping and then stopped, the venom traveling through their system. Smells could be blood, rain from outside (remember their senses are being enhanced). Maybe one second they couldn’t smell it but the next they could. Their skin or inner parts burning from the venom. Feeling can be: describe how the venom feels, how it feels for them to be motionless and not able to move, how does their body feel during this process and keep in mind how it changed.  
III. Does anything happen that makes it seem as if the transformation is not going so well? Like Bella in Twilight, because she was dead it made Edward feel as like he was too late. Does this or something similar happen to your character? Or perhaps, everything is going smoothly.  

Example 2
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Part Two

    1. Describe what is going on in their mind and the outside of their body.

»A.Surely they cannot be all calm about this… or are they??

I. Do they regret doing this? Is the pain not as bad as they thought? Who do they wish to see first when this transformation is completed? Do they still have a craving for chocolate, donuts and hamburgers or is that not out the window and for some reason blood sounds more tasty?  
II. What memories are going through their head? Could they remember as far back a when they were a child? How about when they met their loved one? Are any memories forgotten or replaced with new ones? How are these memories making them feel inside. Perhaps one single, final tear is shed then suddenly evaporates.  
III. How are they coping with the transformation? What mind techniques are they using? In Twilight Bella through about Edward. Even used his name as a Manta, so to speak. What is your character doing to stay sane? Could be counting, repeating a memory over and over again, thinking about the end results, taking in inner breaths, or possibly remaining silent and in “the zone” until all is said and done.  

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Example 3:
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»B. How is there mortal body turning mortal?

I. A great way to demonstrate how skilled the character is, is by having them practice on targets. What techniques and move do they have? DO people rely on them to tell them what to do next? How much faith do they have in themselves? Have they taken down a few zombies already and kept some body parts as souvenirs.. 
II. Someone might have to leave or something. Especially if there isn’t enough food and water. OR, if the character is the only one that knows how to fight or knows anything about zombies for that matter. Teaching can take a while and is risking in situations like these. So splitting up the family might have to happen and whoever gets the short end of the stick is out of luck!

Example 4:
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Part Three

    1. When they awaken, what are their powers (if any)?

»A. Describe them first finding the powers. How do they realize they have changed?

I. Could be anything from mind reading to a shield like Bella. For a list of powers click here!

II. Now give them a weakness of the power. With Bella’s shield Edward could read her mind. (At first). With Edwards mind reading it could get annoying for both him and the person he is reading the mind of. There is no mystery. With that said, what is the flaw to having the power and you can either show it or you can just state it. Something as simple as: Mark walked through the solid door like it was nothing. Except he knew he could never forget to open the door normally in public, otherwise he would get caught. Also, describe how their power can help defeat the villain or help them reach their goal. 
III. Can their powers work with anyone else’s powers to create one big defense weapon? Do they attempt it? Can the power be taken away or enhanced somehow? Can it be toned down?
Example 5:
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»B. How are they using these powers and are they good or bad? Describe the way it interacts or affects the environment/people around them.

I. What amount of energy does it take for them to use it? Does it come easy or hard? At first, Bella had a difficult time lifting her shield so Edward can read her mind. Does it require aid from someone or something? Do they have to say something or do something for it to work properly? What can go wrong?
II. If the character is super strong after the transformation, maybe they have a hard time being gentle and it seems everything they touch breaks. They become so afraid of this that they refuse to touch anyone or anything valuable. If the character can read minds they probably want to become secluded because they can hear the negative thoughts coming from everyone including their loved ones. Let’s say they have the ability to scream really loud. It can probably scare away animals or kill them, depending. For someone who loves animals that’s not okay. Maybe their new powers create enemies out of their once friends. Or perhaps, it creates friends out of the once enemies. Kate found love after Garret tested out her shocking power.
Example 6:
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Part Four

    1. How do they look? What are they thinking? How have they changed?

»A. Ah, yes, they finally get to see themselves.

I. When a vampire bites all the blood drains from the veins and enters the eyes leaving them red. If character is a vegan vampire then they turn gold/black after a year but if not then they remain red/black. All senses become amplified and powerful. They also become strong and fast too. Skin becomes ice cold, pale and impenetrable to everything apart from another vampire or a werewolf. Lastly, they become inhumanly beautiful and may develop an extra sense/ability.  
How do they react to their appearance? Twirl around? Blow a kiss to themselves? How is it different from what they were like before transformation? What is the first thing they do that separates them from humans. In Twilight, Bella hugged Edward a little too strong. Maybe your character is so happy about the way they look that they jump. And they jump so high it makes a hole in the roof.

»B. How do they plan on living their immortal life and has anything became enlightened during the transformation. Or are they the same person with the same loyalties?

I. Any revelations about their purpose in life or who is really good and who is really bad? Who they love or don’t love? Where they need to be or not be? Alice in Twilight had a vision she would meet Jasper. They met and became a permanent couple.

Example 7:
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Part Five

    1. What is the immediate danger? What are their desires or wants after being transformed?

»A. What lies beyond the sheltered home for your new vampire?

I. Who’s the bad guy(s)? How soon are they going to attack? Is your character and their team prepared? What do they need to learn and how can they learn it? Will they run or fight? 

II. Do they desire to start a clan and do they have the time to start one? What sacrifices need to be made, especially if they are on the run. Maybe falling in love has to wait until they are in a safe place.
III. End this scene with the reader wanting more. With a promise of something. Whether it’s a promise for a fight or for love to brew or for friendships to begin. Maybe for powers to show.


Example 8:
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