How to Write an Avengers: Fighting a Villain Scene


Part 1

1. Who will be the heroes in this scene?

A. Briefly describe who they are and their outfits.

I. Superheroes in general wear masks so they don’t reveal their real identity. This leaves them vulnerable to any sort of attack from villains and puts their loved ones at risk. It also allows them to live a somewhat normal life.



II. Most spandex worn by superheroes are used as a light form of body armor that’s been weaved into the fabric to give some kind of protection in battle. Example: the spandex worn by the Fantastic Four which are made from unstable molecules so that it can withstand changing shape, bursting into flame or turning invisible.

III. As for Capes, it depends on the superhero. Lots of them just have them to make them look grand and heroic. Superman started the whole superhero cape thing. But it can hinder them like with Captain America who had tried to wear a cape as Nomad but he ended up tripping on it. Batman’s cape (I know he is in Justice League) makes him look scary and its edges are slightly weighed so that he could use it as a weapon. Robin’s cape also helped him blend in.

B. You can add a new heroes or Heros that weren’t seen in the movie.

I. What are their powers: Telekinesis, Clairvoyance; Clairsentience; “Feeling”, Clairaudience; “Hearing”, Clairalience; “Smelling”, Claircognizance; “Knowing”, Clairgustance, “Tasting”….

  • Time Travel, can bend space time continuum
  • super strength
  • mind reader
  • Can move through solid objects
  • talk to machines
  • Can Heal any life form
  • invisible
  • Can use other people power
  • Flying
  • Spontaneous regeneration
  • Radio active
  • Can receive and transmit wireless messages
  • Figures out how things work
  • Can order anyone to do anything
  • Can find anyone
  • Can erase memory and disable other Heroes power


II. What is their history? Who have they saved? Are they known or someone brand new?

III. What skills do they lack? What skills do they have? How will they be an asset to the team?


C. What is your motivation besides just being a hero?

I. What is the ultimate goal that they are willing to sacrifice themselves for? What is the noble purpose which is of the utmost importance to humanity? Also, how do they define the difference between right and wrong? Usually, they fight for what they believe in and for what society believes in.

II. What are they thinking, what is your definition of a hero, where does the line between good and bad stop for them? Do they have their own rules or do they fall a book? About their past? What happened in their past that makes them the way they are today?

III. Can they be a hero in more ways than one? Can they be a hero without even trying? Did they inspire even the ordinary people to do something about the evil force that’s causing mayhem in their society?


Part 2

2. Who will be the villains?

A. What do the characters look like and what is their motivation?

I. You can either choose one that already exists in the Marvel world or you can create one on your own. Remember it’s your fanfiction story.

II. Describe their outfits and their demeanor. Not every villain has to look mean. Describe their army if they have it.

III. What is their motivation and why are they fighting the character specifically? Are they fighting the character for someone else? Is your character fighting the villain for someone else? Is this a new villain?

B. What threats and dangers do they bring to the scene? How much more powerful are they to the heroes or what do they have that the heroes don’t have?

I. What do they have that the hero doesn’t have? Who else is trying to defeat the villain? It could be more than just another hero but also other societies and governments.

II. Do they have the same powers as the hero? Do they have powers at all or do they only have plans, yet plans can be as powerful as supernatural abilities.


C. How much are they willing to give up? Are they willing to fight to the death or are they willing to fight until something or someone is gone? In other words, how much are they putting in this particular battle?

I. How long can they fight for? How long are they willing to fight for? What are they willing to sacrifice and what is off limits?
II. Does the villain have something of the heroes that is very important to them? Does the hero have something of the villain that is as important to them? Are they playing against the rules, are they having an agreement on what they can and cannot do during the battle? In other words, is it civilized?
III. Is this their only battle that they’re fighting? There could be another villain that they’re fighting or something at home that they are fighting? Are they fighting against themselves as well… through thoughts or mental agility? Do they doubt themselves or even the reason why they are a good guy?


Part 3

3. What’s at stake and who’s in charge?

A. It could be the end of the world, the end of the universe, the end of someone’s powers, or the end of someone’s lives or multiple lives. Possibly the end of someone’s reign.

I. When is the end of the world that means everyone is going to get involved. The battle will be all over the news, all over the world and the villain will be targeted by many people. The villain probably will have secret minions helping him or her.
II. When it is the end of a few people’s lives then it is still a big deal but it depends on whose life is at stake. Is it a king or a queen or a president? How about just a regular citizen? Who cares? There won’t be as much coverage if it was just an ordinary citizen, keep that in mind.
III. If the hero was someone in charge of what the villain wants, then this is a big deal. Whatever the hero is in charge of will be the focus of the same. Why was the hero in charge of it and why does the villain want what the hero has in the first place?

B. Who’s in charge of both sides and is anyone even listening to them? How much of what they say holds up in the battle or do all rules go out the door when blood is shed?

I. Did either of them have a leader? And if they do, does either of them listen to the leader when it comes to battles like these? What makes these battles any different?
II. If someone breaks one of the rules, whether an accident or on purpose, does the other person continue to follow rules or do they begin to break it themselves? Why are there rules in the first place?
III. Is there any trickery or slips of the tongue that shouldn’t have been done?


C. The villain could have turned on the hero. They could have been a sidekick who felt unappreciated and wanted to get back at the hero. Maybe it’s the people that the hero has saved many times over are now mad at the hero because he ruined their City, now they want the hero banished. If your scene is similar to this where there was once peace between the hero and villain but not anymore, an authority type figure does not need to be made. This can also make your scene more personable and leveled for the reader.

I. If it was a sidekick that was working for the hero then their reason could be something as simple as not enough gratification and thank yous, to something as large as the hero not promoting them or the hero getting more attention than they are as a sidekick. It could be the fact that the hero didn’t need a sidekick anymore and got rid of them.
II. If the city is angry at the hero then this isn’t technically a villain. It could be considered two different mindsets and some might even call the hero the villain in this case. Think Captain America: Civil War. This can turn ugly real fast, especially if the city starts to try killing the hero.


Part 4

4. Location, location, location and time is everything?

A. So where is this going down? What potential destruction is going to happen and whose fault could it be? In other words who has to clean up this mess when all is said and done?

I. Why did they choose this place? Who came to this place specifically? How’s this place going to hold up for the battle? Will it be ruined completely?
II. Will the citizens have to clean up the mess? Will the hero clean up the mess? Will they take the minions as prisoners and make them clean up the mess? Will nature itself clean up the mess? Or will it be just left there as a souvenir for the hero to be reminded that they’ve won this big battle?
III. Do they travel from one location to another? How big is this location? What barriers and problems happen when battling in this location? Have they battled here before?

B. What time period is this in? Heroes can potentially move through time. And how about this season or the time of day can also impact how the character fights, who will be there to witness and how long they fight. For example, in a city around 10 o’clock at night most people will be indoors, perhaps, so the character and villain will not have anyone to witness the fight… or people will view from inside which means less people are likely to get injured. As opposed to fighting inside an airport or airplane there are definitely people and they will be in danger.

I. Whatever time period they are in… do the citizens and people that live in that time know that heroes exist? What is the problem of traveling through time and the time remnant? Is both the hero and the villain careful about making sure that everything or nothing is permanently changed in this time? For instance, when battling if they knock something over like a building they make sure to pick it up. Or if they accidentally destroy something they try to put it back together because they know that if they change too much of this timeline it can alter the present when they return. Now that would be a funny scene to write.
II. And winter could be too cold for the hero if they are not immune to weather changes. How does it affect the way they fight? If it is summer it could be too hot and the hero and villain can tire out fast. If it’s spring or autumn there can be too many distractions from people or animals that are out and about.
III. Does anyone or anything accidentally get in the way? Do they get injured as a result? How does the hero cope with that? And if they are trying to chase the villain does a villain have a chance to get away? How many lives are put in danger because of this?


C. Is anything in this location used as a weapon or tool for the hero or villain?

I. Can they use an inanimate object as a leverage defeat the villain? Could be something as simple as a light pole that the use as a bat or something as complicated as the entire city and buildings they can use as a maze to avoid being captured by the villain. Or they can use the crowd as a way to hide.
II. Can they use the weather? Can it rain so hard that the villain can barely see but the hero can because they have powers to see through most of anything? Does that give them a leg up?
III. What about the villain? Does the villain use anything to their liking?


Part 5

5. How badly do they walk out of this battle both villain and hero?

A. Any scrapes, bruises, or missing limbs?

I. Who wins? The winner could even be the one that is beat up the most?
II. Do they have anything left in them? Is there any more surprises from the other party? Did they give it all that they got? Is there any more juice left?
III. Or do they call a truce and walk out together? Hey, anything is possible.

B. Do they walk out unscathed and on what grounds? What do they have to do in order to stay flawless? A sacrifice must be made.

I. If they walk out very clean, what do they have to sacrifice in order to walk out without a scratch?
II. And what about the villain? If they are given the chance to walk out without any damage, then what must they give up? And how does the hero believe that the villain will give up what they said they would?
III. Can a sacrifice be retrieved? Can a promise be broken? And at what cost? If the hero said the villain can walk away without any damage, only if they promise to stop doing evil, but the villain quickly goes back on their word, what will the hero do to the villain or vice versa?


C. What damage is done to the surroundings or the civilians?

I. Does it look like an earthquake just hit the place? Does it look like everything is lost or turned to dust?
II. Who died? Who’s struggling? Who’s injured? How much is all this going to cost? Even if the hero protected the city, they still have caused damage. Will they be blamed?
III. How will the hero and villain walk away from the scene? They would have to die? Can both survive? Are there any promises of returns? Is there anything taken from the other? Has the hero lost?



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