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A few of us kindle writers have joined together and created this FREE site for you to use.

It’s fun when you first have that new idea for a scene, but it’s not as fun when you don’t know how to write it. It’s frustrating and can be burden for novice writers, especially. But once you get the help you need, and flesh out your dream scene, then you are good to go by moving forward with your novel. 

  • On this website you’ll find an outline with the questions you need
  • Examples to show you step by step how to write your ideal scene

       All you need is your computer, and determination to write a certain book scene. It would not take you long at all. Just sit down, read, and start learning.   Let’s face it, writing scenes is hard. Where do you begin? When do you end it and how long should it be? How on Earth will you flesh out a well-thought out scene. Why can’t your characters just listen to you for once?    Ha, yes, you know I’m right. So, I’ve taken the liberty of making a Scene Outline series and website, in addition to my Ridiculous-Over-Analysis series. Hope you enjoy.  So learn how to write it today and improve your skills, one step at a time.


Quick Note:

We are not stating in no way shape or form, that this is the ideal way to write the scene, however, it’s a great learning tool for writers who don’t know where to begin and for those who have writer’s block. This website raises questions that you probably didn’t think of, and, as a result, you can add to your scene. Overtime, you may not need an outline, but if you do at the moment, then by all means go ahead…enjoy!


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