How to Write a Bully Scene


WARNING: Read the following scene with the mindset of a writer. This isn’t intended to lessen the significance of bullying by any means. Thank you!

Part One

  1. State the age, gender and stature of both characters; bully and the bullied. How do they know each other?

»A. Is the bully(s) kids or adults? Animals? Aliens? A creature or being you created? If so, how do they bully in a different way than human beings?

I. Depending on the age, gender and stature the bully will do things different. A person of shorter height probably could not put someone taller in the garbagecan but they probably would have a mighty sharp tongue. A bigger and larger in size bully probably can crawl into tight spaces to grab their target but they could sit on objects to crush the poor guy, throw things or even the target!  
II. Now, if the two do not know each other for very long they may be little to know talking going on. Unless it’s over social media. The bully would probably just want to get the job done. If the two known each other since preschool and the bully has been attacking since then, it’s possible for them to exchange memories; “Remember the time I creamed ya, haha. Good times, good times.” Type of thing. 

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»B. Where does this scene take place. Is it familiar to your victim or is it new? What other challenges are added to either the victim, the bully or both?

I. Being beaten up or called names at a school, mall, etc over and over again can get predictable to the target. So, the bully might surprise them somewhere out of the blue. Or not. There could be a time and place for bullying and if the victim isn’t there on that specific day and time then there could be repercussions. In a new environment, however they may be cops lurking around, other more intense bullies who would attack the current bully, weather could be too cold or hot, not enough space or too much space for the target to escape. Too many places to hide possibly so the victim can avoid the beat down.  
II. If and when the environment or place has been altered, how does the bully adapt and how does the target adapt. For example, if the bully likes to attack at the school cafeteria right after lunch, but the cafeteria is being resigned, maybe the bully would use the spare paint to throw on the target or make them eat pieces of broken down wall and plastic. HORRIBLE, I know. In other words, how does the bully use the change to their benefit to thoroughly attack their victim?

III. The new environment or old one can work AGAINST the bully or victim. Let’s say that same cafeteria is not being worked on. And when the bully meets the victim to do some work, the places starts to fall apart. Maybe the nearby walls collapse on the bully, sparing the victim from being attacked. Because they were so old, they saved a kid from getting hurt.


Part Two

    1. What is the cause of bullying and how long has it been going on?

»A. Jealousy and insecurities are the biggest reasons behind bullies. But it could be other reasons such as it being an entertainment source or a way to impress someone the bully likes.

I. Bullies believe they’re right. Make it seem like they have a point to where even the target may be convinced that the bullying is justified. 
II. The bully can make it into a sport or a game. Each time, he plays a new one with the victim. Whether it’s using him/her as an arm west, as a temporary servant, as a seat, etc. This entertainment may be an addiction to the bully and with a little direction and convincing they could eventually find it not as fun. Will the target/victim give the bully this needed guidance, if so how?

III.All of this could be to impress someone. When this is the case you can have the victim catch on to it, and use that to their advantage. Maybe help the bully get the guy/girl if they stop being so mean. Possibly, gain the trust and friendship from the bully’s object of affection and use it as an indirect weapon to keep the bully from beating them up. For example, the target befriends a girl that the bully likes. Whenever he is with that girl the bully doesn’t attack. So, in order to prevent further attacks, the victim makes sure to always be around that girl.  

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»B. Surely, if this has been going on for some time, the victim knows a thing a two about how to stop or avoid the bullying. Possibly even ways to intimidate their bully.

I. Maybe the target knows how to get under the bully’s skin for enough time to run away. It could be a song, a joke, a gesture. Possibly, a phone call to the police or someone who has warned the bully to stop doing what they do. How about taking the long way home or the offering the bully some homemade cookies that has an ingredient that their allergic to, thus forcing the bully to stay home for the rest of the week. . 
II.  But what if none of that works anymore or never will work? Maybe the bully wised up to the victims ways and never accepts food from them, or waits for them in-between the long way walking home. How smart is the bully to catch on to the victim.


Part Three

    1. Does the victim have anyone or anything to defend them? How does the bullying session end each time?

»A. Has the victim got alliances or told authorizes? Have they made weapons or developed powers as a way to protect themselves? If not, how are they surviving alone?

I. Alliance could be friends, family, other people who are bullied by the same bully, or authorities such as cops, teachers, principal. Don’t forget about animals. A pet as small as a bird and as big as a horse can be the target’s alliance.
II. If they’ve someone developed or got super powers then great. But make sure they don’t hurt anyone too bad, because it would be ironic for the victim to know become a bully. If powers are not happening, then they can PRETEND to have powers. Learn some magic tricks or use advanced technology to scare the bully away.  
III. How are they surviving without superpowers, alliances or tricks? Do they use shields they made at home? Threaten the bully with objects and whatnot. Do they just get lucky enough that the aren’t too badly hurt after each attack? If they are alone, how are they protecting themselves? Because humans have an instinct to try finding a way to protect themselves. Don’t let your character just stand there and accept everything like it’s no big deal.  

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»B. What makes the bully stop attacking the victim other than people? Can the bully get tired if it’s a being you created??

I. Did they see the person they admire and only attacked the victim temporary to impress? Does the bully have multiple personalities and forgot they were even bullying the victim? Does they attack the victim so hard they begin to cry because they are really feeling vulnerable and in emotional pain?


II. You could have a funny story, where the bully gets his due, or an internal conflict within the main character, or maybe its a romance story between the two outcasts and the bully gets in the way and through beating the bully that’s how they find each other.


Part Four

    1. What type of fight or argument erupts during this scene. Is it enough to land the victim in the hospital?

»A. Bruises, broken bones, broken heart, fainting, dehydration, you name it. Bullying can cause a lot of unwanted physical and mental problems. As you write the scene, describe how the act is taking a toll on your character…. if at all. Maybe they don’t care what the bully has to say because they are over it.?

I. Does anyone witness this and cheer the bully on? How about call the authorities or intervene? Does anyone lose a life? Does anyone take their own life, victim or bully? Bullying is no joke and sadly this is sometimes the reality.

II. If the victim is over what the bully does, they could very well just accept their position. And each time the bully wants to attack the victim, they may just welcome it. Not because they want to but because they feel there is nothing to be done or because they really don’t care anymore. 

»B. Does the victim have witty comebacks, snide remarks, do they speak back, roll their eyes? Use characterization.

I. As I said earlier, the victim can wise up. Or they want to protect themselves anyway plausible. OR, they realize that no matter what the bully will attack so they aren’t afraid to experiment with words or may even try to physically fight the bully.



Part Five

    1. Is there justice in this scene or is there misery?

»A. What is done about the way the bully acted or how the victim reacted? Who gets to decide what is done?

I. Does the bully get arrested, sent to jail, hurt, forgiven, moves away to a different town, graduates?  

II. Does the victim forgive the bully, gain confidence, becomes a bully themselves, starts a no bullying project, etc?
III. In this scene, what is the last words, interactions, and looks the bully and their victim gives each other. How does that becoming a defining point in both their lives?


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