Marriage Proposal Scene


Part One

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  1. It’s important to build the relationship between the two lovebirds.
  2. »A.Why do they love each other? If they don’t, then why are they getting married?

I.    How long have they known one another? Are they soul mates?

II.    Is it an arranged marriage, forced marriage or are they getting married because they are having an unplanned pregnancy?

Example 1:   Even though Jim has known Marsha for practically all her life, he felt as if the time wasn’t right to ask her to be his wife. With that said, he waited two months. Two long months. He noticed Marsha sending him little hints; Jim knew what she wanted, however he wanted to be prepared. He wanted to me ready. Each day, for hours, Jim was no stranger to the past. He contemplated why he loved her, asking himself all the basic questions, and the not so basic ones.


    »B.Where is the proposal going to take place and during what time of the day?

I.   Is there any significance to the place? For example, maybe it’s the place where they first met.

II.    Are they outside or inside? Does the weather affect their moods or ruin their plans. Are there people around or are they alone?

Example 2:   On that fateful Sunday morning, Jim decided that it was time. He was finally ready to take the leap of faith and marry the woman of his dreams. He even found the perfect place— the park where they first met. Everything looked beautiful. He had neighbors help him plant yellow flowers next to a bench, where he’d propose. Nothing could wrong, Jim thought,Nothing at all.
  At ten o’clock sharp, Jim took Marsha to the park. When they got there it was a disaster. Right before his eyes, Jim saw what he feared the most. All the hard work that he and his neighbors had done, vanished. The flowers were scattered all over the ground without order, the bench was graffitied on and it was pouring rain. Not the romantic evening he had hoped for, that’s for sure.


    Part Two

    1. How are the characters interacting?
    2. »A.Are they in a good mood or a bad mood? Is there any suspicions?

    I.       What is being said? Any heartfelt words coming from the man, hinting that he’s about to propose?
    II.        Are they distracted? Are they interrupted by a phone call or a stranger?
    III.     Describe their nerves. Fighting around, tapping their foot, twirling their hair, clearing their throat, etc.
    IV.          Does the woman have any idea that she’s about to receive the question? Maybe she is the one giving the question.
    Example 3:  

    The couple stayed in the car.

    “What are we doing here, Jim?” Marsha said, curiously.

    “Marsha, I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted the flowers to be blooming, the birds to be chirping and the sun to be high in the sky. But nothing is going my way. I’m sorry, but I can’t… I can’t…”

    “You can’t what?”

    Jim looked over at Marsha. For some reason the words were at the tip of his tongue, refusing to exit his mouth. “Never mind,” he said instead, then lowered his head.

    Both their nerves were high. Marsha stared out the window in silence, confused by the moment. And Jim, well… he kept tugging at his shirt collar, sweating like a sauna. He tried to say something twice, except nothing came out. He stuttered every time like a never-ending nightmare.

    “Are you trying to propose?” Marsha said, returning her gaze to the man she loved so dearly.

    Jim nodded, but barely. He nearly became a statue from the fear of Marsha disapproving of the scenery.

      »B.What kind of physical contact do they have right before the proposal?

    I.          Does the man grab the woman’s hand? Does he kiss her on the hand, cheek or lips?
    II.       How about their eye contact? DO they stare at each other without saying anything? Do they anxiously stare at their pocket where the ring is?
    Example 4:  

    The intense moment grew longer, it seemed. No one said a word. Their eyes remained glued on one another, waiting for the other person to speak first.

    “Where is it?” Marsha finally spoke up.

    Jim pulled the ring out from the glove department.



    Part Three

    1. Let the actual proposal begin.
    2. »A.What does the man say to the woman when he gets down on one knee?

    I.          He probably should talk about how they met and what he loved about her. Specifics will be okay right here, just don’t spend forever and a day on this. A few dramatic sentences is more than enough.
    II.          Do they start to cry? Do people turn to look at the couple and smile? What is happening around them? Does it feel like they are the only ones in the world?
    Example 5:  

    “Marsha,” Jim began, “Remember when we were kids and I saw you sitting on that bench (he pointed outside the car window)? You were crying because you fell off the swing and everyone laughed at you.”

    “We were only eight back then. Why does that matter?”

    “It matters because that day I knew you would one day be my wife. After hanging out with you, I ran home and told my mom that I had found the one. She said, ‘good for you, now go clean your room.'”

    Marsha laughed.

    “It’s true. She didn’t even believe me. I mean kids have crushes and puppy love but no one really knows if it will ever work out. Do you know what she said to me the day she died?”

    Marsha shook her head.

    She said, ‘son, if you don’t marry that woman I’m coming back from my grave to haunt you.” Jim chuckled. “I told her I will but not until I’m ready. That was two months ago. And now, after thinking about long and hard I realize I can’t imagine a life without you, Marsha Zane. You complete me… it’s like you’re my other half.”

    Jim, took off his seat belt, got out of the car, ran around to the passenger’s side, opened the door and got on one knee. With the rain pouring down on him, and all, Jim could care less; he wanted Marsha to see how much he loved her.

    Marsha began to cry. She covered her mouth with one hand and allowed the tears to fall. They became one with the rain.

    Jim pulled out a handkerchief and gave it to her, though it was wet. This made Marsha laugh. The world seemed to vanish and they couldn’t look away from one another.

      »B.Here, he should pop the question.

    I.       Usually it is “will you marry me, blah” or “will you make me the happiest man this earth and marry me?”
    II.        What does the ring look like? Is it his grandma’s ring or his mother’s ring? That could be symbolic.
    Example 6:  

    “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about our future together,” Jim continued, “Marsha, (he opened the ring case) will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

    “Yes,” Marsha managed to say, and Jim took out the ring and placed it on his new fiancé.

    “It’ my mother’s ring. It’s been in the family for three generations.”

    “Oh, Jim!” Marsha shouted, jumping into her man’s arms. Jim twirled her around as they kissed passionately in the rain.

      »C.And last but definitely not least, what was the woman’s answer?

    I.      Usually she might pause to catch her breath and then say “Yes, oh yes, blah-blah.” The man picks her up and the crowd starts clapping.
    II.       If the woman answers no then the man says “what?” and the girl says “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” And then she runs away because it’s too awkward to stay around.
    Example 7:   (See example 6).


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