How to Write a Friends: Ross and Rachel Scene


Part 1

1. Are they together or are they broken up?

»A. How long have they been together?

I. Was it something Ross did, or was it something Rachel did… and if so were they on a break? 🙂  
II. Did they have plans to move in together, get married or were they just a couple? This changes things and how easy or how hard it is for them to move past what happened.

»B. How long have they been broken up?

I. Has either of them been dating someone else? Is there still jealousy? Is there a naivety of the other’s feelings? 
II. What new memories have they established with other people? What conclusions or self discoveries have they formed in their mind? 
III. Do you still any material objects the other person gave them as gift or left at their apartment? Such as a sweater, teddy bear, makeup, jewelry?

Part 2

2. Are they having an argument or are they on good terms?

»A. If they’re arguing are they using their words only or are they throwing things?

I. How ugly does the scene get? In terms of how they talk to each other and what physical contact they use. For instance, Rachel might try to leave but Ross probably would grab her by the arm asking her not to. Or if Ross wants to leave wait till my lightly hit his back as he walks out the door with her fists before crying uncontrollably. 
II. whatever environment they are in does it stay in one piece? Or does it become a mess?

»B. Same goes for if they’re on good terms? What actions are they taking while they interact with each other?

I. Are they awkward and avoid making eye contact or hugging awkwardly?  
II. do they interrupt each other during conversations or not laugh at one another jokes like they used to before they started dating? Is there subtle bickering or bitterness between them? 


Part 3

3. Are they alone or are the other friends there witnessing it?

»A. If they are alone they would do more things than if they were in public or with their friends. They will probably even say more things that are considered private.

I. Do secrets come out? Things that the other person wish they said while they were in the relationship but never said it to avoid conflict? 
II. How about lying? Do they lie about how they really felt about the person? The intention of this is to bring the other person down, to make them feel sad or to win the argument.

»B. If the other friends are watching it then what do they say? Do they somehow stop the couple from arguing or from doing whatever they’re doing, such as lovey dovey stuff? Or do they leave the room? Do they watch it like an entertaining show, etc?

I. Really emphasize their different personalities. Joey might say “yeah, me likey” if they are kissing while phoebe might say “eww get a room” and shut her eyes tight. 
II. Are any bets placed? The friends are known to place bets on each other. The back can be something as simple as how long will they last kissing to how long will their argument last. Or how about if they pretend like they’re not listening but really they are. In the episodes the friends were known to do this a few times.

Part 4

4. Who decides to leave the scene and on what terms are they?

» A. Do they leave the scene making up or not knowing where to go?

I. if Rachel leaves the scene she might yell, shut the door, make a loud the sound of emphasizing that she’s annoyed with Ross, or simply give him the silent treatment. 
II. If Ross leaves first he may do something awkward, punch his two hands together as a sign he is flipping her off (he used to do this gesture as a kid to his parents instead of the middle finger), or he may ask for another chance and say he is sorry. If so, the Rachel now has the power to turn this scene around for the better or worse.

»B. Will their friendship hold up or will this be this be the end of Ross and Rachel?

I. can this break up the 6 friends? Who will leave the group? Who will side with who? 

II. How will this change things? Their situation and the rest of the friends. Will anyone become distant or a completely different person in terms of personality?

Part 5

5. Does any of the friends say anything to them? Or do they handle this on their own? In other words, is there a third party involved?

»A. Be sure to use their personalities and act as if you were the writer of the show… what would Chandler say or Joey say? They will have different suggestions and advice to give to the couple.

I. How does Ross and Rachel react to the person giving advice? And is it unsolicited advice or do they request it? 
II. is the person on Ross’s side or leaning more towards Rachel side? Does a person try to avoid Ross and Rachel but are constantly bothered by them as if they were relationship counselor? Monica, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t mind helping as much. But you must decide who she would choose between if she takes sides; her brother or her best friend? 
III. does the person bring logic into the minds of this couple? Or are they still on different understanding levels in the argument? 


»B. If strangers are involved what do they say or how do they look at the couple? Are they making a scene? Does it ruin things or improve things?

I.Does Ross or Rachel bluntly tell the person(s) to keep walking, “there’s nothing to see here?” 
II. Maybe they ask for advice or that the stranger choose who is right in the argument? 
III.Perhaps they stop arguing because of embarrassment. It could be that they realize through the judgment of others that they are both wrong and end up making up instead of breaking up.


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