How to Write a Blind Date Scene


Part 1

1.  How are they introduced and where do they meet?

»A. Do they know a mutual friend? Or are they set up by co-workers or possibly a dating service?

I.Do they have time to prepare? Are they put on the spot? Do they want to go on the date? How ready are they for the date? Do they trust their friend who set them up or do they have their doubts? 
II.How far do they have to travel and how do they get there? Do they arrive on time? Do they see their date before going inside and leave because they are too nervous or not interested? 

»B.What do they plan on doing on their date for the activity?

I.Is it a simple dinner or movies where they can probably hold hands or not even talk? Does someone change the plans after seeing their date? For instance, maybe they planned on going ice skating but after seeing their date they rather watch a movie so they don’t have to look at them. Sounds lame but it happens…
II.Does the activity require them to do or wear certain things? Such would be the case at a church, or possibly the beach. How does this change the way to date goes?
III.Must the character take charge? Like paying for the date, choosing the activity, or even showing their date how to do the activity.

Part 2

2. Is there initial attraction? What are their thoughts on they first meet?

»A. How is your facial expression? What are their gestures when they first see the person? How shy or put off are they? Is the character become visibly happier or visibly irritated?

I.Do they stop trying to impress? Do they excuse themselves for a few minutes to call the friend and complain about their date? Do they purposely act rude or obnoxious to turn the date off? In other words, do they try to end the date subtly?
II.Maybe they really like her date. Do they act like themselves? Or are they too nervous or shy so they come off as being rude but they really aren’t. Maybe they’re overly nice, smiling way too much, or possibly very clumsy. Does your voice get high pitched? Does their hands shake and sweat? Do they do they do odd things that makes them seem very unattractive because of how nervous they are around the person?
III.How about if they’re mysterious? Maybe don’t even let the reader know how the character feels about the date until the date is over.

»B. What are they saying to themselves in their head? Does their thoughts reflect what they say to their date? Do they attempt to become attracted to their date if they aren’t already? How do they try to entertain themselves?

I.What internal dialogue are conflict is the character going through? Do they focused on the date or do they focus on other things in life? Are they completely present or is your mind wandering off to more interesting topics or things they could be doing what their time? 
II.Maybe they tell the date that they’re not interested. They can be brutally honest or just ask to be their friends. Or they can say they’re not looking for a serious relationship. Do they use excuses?

Part 3

3. What quirks or stories are being brought up during the date? Do they have anything in common such as the person they know or the things they do?

»A. Does these stories lighten the mood? Or do they make things awkward?

I.Are there laughs shared and what are they laughing at? Do strangers look at them funny because they’re making a scene? Do they care what other people think? Does their personalities mesh well? If so, how? Do opposites attract and this case?
II.Does this date go from bad to worse talking about these stories? Does the date turn worst to good talking about these stories? Does someone open up to the other person by crying or bye close touch?

»B. How’s the conversation going? Is there any conversation at all or just silence? Also write about the their voice, the laughing that is going on, the eye contact, or even sight touches that they have during the conversation.

I.Do they talk about anything embarrassing? Is anyone to extreme during the conversation? Such as asking too many nosy questions, burping, yawning excessively, etc?
II.Can the other character tell that their date is interested in them by the body language? Imagine you were on a blind date how would you be able to tell if your date was interested in you?

Part 4

4. Towards the end of the date what happens? Is it going well? Is it a turnaround of 180 from when they first met?

»A. How is the ending conversation? Who initiates getting the bill? Who pays for the meal or activity? What are the final words that are said?

I.Are they cordial towards one another? Does an argument break out? Does someone pretend that they have to leave early?
II.Are they generic words? Are they deep meaningful words? Does things get real and both characters realize that they potentially found the one? Is it an ordinary date or is it a date that someone from the outside looking in would say was weird? What makes it that way?

»B. Is another date planned? Do they both mutually agree that it’s not going to work out? Is there any pretend ‘liking’ going on? In other words, is anyone afraid to hurt someone’s feelings?

I.The character can lie and pretend to be interested only to later avoid their dates call. How do they go about doing this?

Part 5

5. How does the date end? Is there more than just a handshake? And does the characters exchange numbers?

»A. How much physical touch is there and are they comfortable? Is the feeling mutual or does someone feel uncomfortable?

I.Does someone move their hand or arm away? Does someone lean in for a kiss and gets rejected? How smooth are they?
II. If they feeling is mutual then how does the kiss go? Is it great, average or not so good? Does it show on the character’s face? If the date went well it is never too late to have something happen to turn off the character. It could be a simple gesture like not paying for the meal or not opening the door. Possible something the date said.

»B. Do they plan on a second date? Where they plan on going? Do they think they found the one? Or are they taking things slow? How about if the date went bad but they’re willing to give the person another chance?

I. Who asks to see who again? Does it look like their date is happy about them asking or secretly trying to hide their disdain?
II.If the date went bad does the character say it? Possibly to give the date a chance to explain theirself? Or, maybe they can’t wait to leave and even smiles at the chance of escaping.
III.Maybe the date went so bad they can’t even remember the person name, or vice versa. In this case they probably would cut it short and no hard feelings would be made.


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