How to Write a Love at First Sight Scene

Note: You can use this as love at second/third sight as well!

Part One

»A. Location will have the answers.

I.  Are they in a place with many distractions or is it quiet and easy? Do they have time to focus on the present while there, or are they in a rush/thinking about other things?

II. How romantic is the place or can it become romantic? For example, somewhere with scenery, there could be random fireworks going off, shooting stars, birds tweeting, etc. In a crowded place, the characters might be forced to walk side by side or pushed closes together due to lack of space.

III. Does the time of day at this location matter? Will it make a difference if it’s sunset or dusk? Morning or night? In certain areas, you could see the aura borealis in the sky. These are colors ranging from purple to green that dance around at night.  But you might not see it during the day. Or possibly if they go to the beach, during the day they could see whales and dolphins.  Nighttime, not so much.

IV.  Is this a place that is on the move, such as transportation? A bus, train, car, etc. Or does this atmosphere where they cannot quickly leave or get off, make or break the contact between your characters?


»B. What interactions do they have?

I. Do they ask for directions to start a conversation? Are they forced into speaking by circumstances that or good or bad?

II. Is touch involved? How so? Is welcomed at first or reciprocated? How long does this last?

III. Does anyone look away and look back. How are their nerves? Who seems to be the one initiating the interaction the most and shown through description and body language how the other character responds.

IV. Not everyone acts the same, and love can be shown in many ways. Depending on your character’s personality, they may react to this first sight differently than the other character. It does not mean that they love less, but could be nervous or preoccupied. 


Part Two

»A. How long does the moment last and is it noted by the characters?

I.  Is it only for a second or minutes? Do they willing extend their interaction and the feeling is mutual? Or is it cut short by unforeseen circumstances?

II. Does one of the characters mention the time? Or how odd it was for them to meet because they weren’t even supposed to be there at this hour? Are they weighing the consequences of avoiding their prearranged responsibility in order to speak with their new love? For example, school or work, possibly even another date?

III. Does time seem to stand still? One minute can seem like a second. Maybe everyone around are moving so fast and they can see it in the corner of their eyes but between the two main characters, they feel like time has slowed down. Describe how it feels to experience this. They could feel their heart beating faster, possibly hear it too. Their sense of taste, sight, smell grows stronger. Nothing else around them matters anymore but the two of them.

»B. Does the feeling seem mutual or can anyone else see it too?

I. Does their friends and family, possibly strangers see their instant connection and comment on it. Do these people suggest/hint there is chemistry later if the main character denies it?

II. Do the characters feel or notice people noticing them? How do they react to this? How does the intrusion affect their love at first sight moment?

III. Are both characters in sync? Bodies moving in unison and breathing at a rhythmic pace. Perhaps smiles are exchanged and a clear look of joy and excitement surfaces as well.


Part Three

»A. Is there any contact that is kept or is all lost when walking away?

I. Is one brave enough to exchange social media or phone numbers? How about asking to meet up again? If not, does someone or something help them/force them to again? A second encounter out of fate?

II. How is this contact kept? Does the love exude while they are not together; does something feel off? Was it love or lust after all? How do the characters cope if it’s not what they thought it was?

III. If it was only once, possibly to inspire the character/s then what effect does it have on the present, the future, and the overall mindset they have? Pretty much why was that encounter important to improve the character and moving the story along?

»B. What regrets do the characters have?

I. Do they try going back to that place to find their new love again and finally be brave to get their contact?

II. Are they neglecting their other responsibilities because that is all they think about: the encounter. Did they have any bad dreams or daydreams about what could have gone wrong or what did?

III.  What about the timing? Maybe the character felt cheated and was not in the position to meet their love, therefore it would have never worked out in the first place. What actions do they take to remedy this thought and regret?



Part Four

»A. Immediately after the interaction, do they do anything?

I. Do they exchange numbers or does someone ask the other on a date? Is the interaction going smoothly or are they bumps in the road like scheduling conflicts?

II. How about telling someone they trust about the interaction to get a second opinion.

III. Potential daydreaming and fantasizing about the next encounter could happen. Maybe the character would completely rearrange their life in order to fit their new “love” into it. If they were going in one major direction and decided to go in another, this could be the reason.

»B. How have your characters changed because of the occurrence?

I. Are they more forgiving or understanding of people similar to the one they fell in love with? How about forgiving themselves for something that ate them up inside. Love can cause changes in the heart.

II.  How about patience? The way they show love to others? The way they think of even what they believe. Was a simple look enough to change their mind or did they need more interaction with that person before renewing their ideologies? 

III. What happens if they don’t see that person again? Do they have terrible thoughts or life ambitions to meet again? Would they be okay with simply that one look of love?




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