How to Write a Lion King: Taking Back Throne Scene


Part One

  1. Where is your character coming from? Are they alone and how do you plan on taking back the throne? 

»A. Has your character been gone for a while? Or simply a few months to years? Did they leave in order to learn a lesson or gain more power/land? How have they changed for the better?

I. They could have gained an army while away. Maybe they were practicing their powers with a guru or growing up like Simba did. Perhaps they were looking for more land to add to their existing Kingdom.  
II. Do they look the same? Will their citizens remember or even recognize them?Did the environment they came from have an effect on their personality or their look? Is it for the better or worse? 

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»B. How do they prepare? Who has their back and are they loyal to the death or lose? How can you show the reader this? For example, Pumba and Timon raised Simba and cared about him.

I. Does the character spend weeks coming up with an elaborate plan with a backup plan? Are weapons involved or distractions? How about disguises or war? 
II. Do the people (if any) that are with your character to fight, know them personally or are were they simply promised something if they win the fight for the throne? Do they simply hate the current ruler and are willing to risk their life to put someone else on the throne? How do they conversate with your character? Is there any hostility? Will they later try to take throne from you character as well? Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
III. Does the character trust in this plan or are they simply winging it? Were there any mind meditation, pep talks, prayers, certain regimes that had been practiced or completed before arriving to the kingdom? Show how it has helped your character calm down or become more confident in their abilities to succeed. Also, is there people expecting something of the character and if they fail, they are laughed at or shunned? This can greatly affect how the character prepares.

Part Two

  1. What does the kingdom look like after the character has left? Is it in good condition or bad? Is it worth saving? How about the citizens? Are they free or in slavery without the true king/queen?

»A. How are they feeling? What are they thinking? Are they having doubts? After seeing their kingdom are they angier or happy to see it? What would make them move forward and take the next step?

I. The castle and kingdom can be worn down from neglect like Pride Rock in Lion King. The character would probably be angry at the sight. So who will be there to witness the potential deadly encounter? This can take a toll on the character if they are trying to impress the people. 
II.  Does the character see their citizens in turmoil? Do they look happy or miserable? Are any of their loved ones hurt or neglected by the current ruler? What about kicked out? Did he force a royal to become a slave or his queen?  
III. Anything stopping them from proceeding? Themselves? An attacker? The environment being to toxic? Based on the character’s current emotion, if they have to stop or hold off on the attack, show the change in attitude. Do they seem more determined to prove themselves or others wrong? Has what stopped them forced them need to gather enough mental strength to continue?  

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»B. Barriers can be big or small. If the kingdom has changed for the worse then does it make it near impossible to take it back? If it changed for the better is the character having second thoughts about taking the throne back? Maybe they were not a great ruler.

I. Was your character going in one direction and now has to go in the other? Is their army much smaller than the enemies? Do they have enough power or weapons? Are the citizens now turning on them?. 
II. What is sacrificed that the character was saving to use closer to the end of the battle but now has to use immediately? Also they can completely abandon the entire idea and decided the kingdom is not worth saving.


Part Three

    1. How does the character confront the enemy/ current ruler?

»A. Does the character have a change in mindset once they see who the new ruler is? Do they know them? Is this someone the character loves or haters? Is it easy confronting them?

I. Are they regretful? Even more determined? Angry? Hopeless? What pain are they feeling? What pain do they intend to feel? Is the rest of the battle for the throne predicted to be easy for them and they are looking forward to it? Or is it harder, more strenuous? More of an obstacle?

II. What is the character relying on now and how do they keep themselves in the correct mindset? Do they chant a few inspiring words? Pray again? Zone out the world and only focus on the confrontation?  
III. Describe how the enemy is powerful (or not), but how the character doesn’t even notice because of the adrenaline pumping through their veins. What do they hear from the enemy? Put yourself in the character’s shoes and imagine yourself returning to your rightful throne. How would you describe your surroundings, and how would you perceive it at that moment?

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»B. Compare what they can see now to what they first saw and what they will see. Use it in dialogue. What does the character tell the citizens and ruler that makes them “wake up” or understand the reality of what is about to come?

I. Are they starting to realize how hard this will be? Is their faith waving? How about the people who said they would help? Are they leaving or staying for the fight?Do they side with the character or the enemy during the confrontation?

Because of being tired or in pain or frustrated, the character won’t see things in the same light.
II. Does the fighting take place right away? Is there a process that needs to be in order? How civilized is this encounter? How are the plans the character made earlier working out?


Part Four

  1. A battle must ensure. Or not? Do they have a physical or legal battle? Do the citizens vote? How does this end?

»A. How does it affect their potential to rule? During the battle do they lose something of value? How long does this battle last? How tiring is it??

I. A character who is afraid they might fail may begin to think about the process of failing and dying without victory. How their loved ones will be sad. And if they can’t get their rightful place as ruler again then they are doomed. A character with a hard-head who may be battling against their own elaborate plan might develop tunnel vision where they’re fixated on one certain way of winning that any help or simply listening goes out the window. One small slip up, and because the character refuses to think outside the box, the complete mission experience will fail. They stick to what they know. This way of thinking can be fatal. Describe the doubts your character has and what sort of horrors, whether far-fetched or not, they are conjuring up in their minds. 
II. Thinking as such can cause fatal attraction and the inevitable. For example, a character who is constantly thinking of horrors can make themselves vulnerable to the here-and-now. They themselves can provoke their own body to make a mistake. Now where are they? A mind is a powerful tool and using it against our own-selves can be damaging to our success. 

»B. Write about what they were taught or prepared to do during this time and how they are OR aren’t doing any of it. Are they winning or losing?

I. There is a difference between practice and actual performance. For a character to do everything they are taught or prepared for that is great, however, in life unusual occurrences happens that are out of our control. Compare and contrast what the character was taught as opposed to what they are doing or what they have to do instead in order to succeed.



Part Five

    1. How does the character take back their throne? What do they say to their kingdom? What do they promise to do from now on? How can they gain the trust of their people again?

»A. Imagine finally finishing that long essay or graduating from college. Insert your emotion to your character. It is a triumph to finish the fight and take back the throne.

I. Instincts start to kick in during the last moments of the fight. Adrenaline either kicks in overtime or settles/calms. Does the character look back at where they started one last time? Take a deep breath before making the final move? Close their eyes before sitting on their rightful throne. During the final moments write about the emotional toll it has on the character to finish. 

II. Is everything how they pictured it would be? How they were told it would be? Is there anything wrong with the finish such as another attacker, no people, no kingdom, no money, etc. Whatever the character was fighting for, is it there and how is it? In other words a character who wanted to become ruler again may to they will have to share the power with others or there is not enough resources.
III. Describe the finish thoughts and actions. The character WILL have thoughts about the takeover and the throne. Was it worth it to them? Would they do it again? How are they going to rebuild their kingdom if they have to? How tired are they?

For actions: they may pass out, jump for victory, run madly to their throne, shout for joy. Bring this scene to a close by showing the reader how accomplished the character feels they are.



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