How to Write a Nervous Scene


Part 1

1. What are they nervous about and how does it affect them differently from other things?

»A. What are the thinking about repeatedly in order to take the nerves away?

I. Is it someone they love if so how much you love them? Is it a test if so how hard how they study? Explain the situation to the reader. 
II. What memory comforts them? What exercises make them at ease?

»B. How has this affected them and their self-esteem?

I. Does the character think they should give up on life and if so are they formulating a plan to do so currently?
II. How has a character change their body language or at their voice perhaps? 
III. Does the person that is watching them see how the character is acting and do they give them words of comfort or do they make fun of them?

Part 2

2. What are they aware of and what can they not control?

»A. Does the character know that they are nervous or are they completely oblivious to the fact?

I. Does someone have to mention to them that they’re sweating or that they’re shaking? Can the character see how bad it is? Does it make them even more nervous knowing that they are nervous? 
II. Perhaps the character is not alone in the nurse and that makes them feel less nervous.

»B. Do they try to control their nerves at all? Maybe with the way they speak or by moving in a certain way and does it help?

I. do they take out a handkerchief to wipe away the sweat, clench their fists in order to stop shaking or breathe in and out? 
II. How much does this help and if it doesn’t does the character stop trying to calm themselves or do they try and intensify the technique? 


Part 3

3. Is there any hope for the character… can the nerves go away or is it permanent for now?

»A. Does the character need any medicine or aid or do they have the willpower to figure it out on their own?

I. maybe the character is given some type of medicine or prayer in order to help them out.
II. this could be a learning stage for the character and they decided right then and there that they will not let their nurse overpowered them. 
III. if the nerves are permanent then why is that the case and is a character alone in this or does everyone feel nervous during the situation?

»B. If the feeling is permanent how does the character cope? What defense mechanisms do they use in order to maintain themselves from freaking out?

I. what thoughts has the character already accepted and what reality does a character refuse to believe? 
II. how are they maintaining their sanity and what is keeping them from having a meltdown?

Part 4

4. How long has the character been nervous and can they have done anything to prevent it?

»A. Has it been too long to where the character is about to either faint, completely let go, or perhaps do something they will regret?

I. does the nurse feck them physically, mentally, or emotionally? This will show the reader how strong your character is and how strong they can potentially become. 
II. If the character regrets doing this but they continue to do it then this is showing character improvement building.

»B. What got them here in the first place and was it a good thing that they came here or was it worthless, a time-waster?

I. was it their own free will, someone telling them to go, or a work obligation? Whatever it is how dire is it for them to stay even though they’re nervous? 
II. does the character, even though they’re nervous, see any good in this or do they think that they’re a failure at life and there’s no point left to try?

Part 5

5. Can the characters see the end of the tunnel; how are they coping with the situation?

»A. Is the situation almost done; how much longer do they have to endure?

I. give hints to when the end will come and how the character responds to these hints.
II. does a character feel more at ease all the sudden in their nurse slip away because they know the end is near? 
III. maybe they don’t know how long it will last so therefore their nerves become worse and worse over time.

»B. Can they continue to do the same thing they were doing to try to control their nerves? Or must they intensify it?

I. if they try to do exercises then they might slip up and fail or someone can catch them doing these exercises and think they’re weird for it.
II. maybe they’re sweating so much that their whole body is wet and not just their forehead till a handkerchief will not work they need a full shower. Likewise brother nerve gestures. 
III. when does the character begin to relax and if they don’t how does their body react to situation? Will there be permanent damage?


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