How to Write a Hunger Games: Playing the Game Scene


Part 1

1. How were they chosen?

»A. Which district do they come from and what happened when their name was called?

I. What are they wearing. what do they bring from their District as a reminder, and how are they coping with it?
II. Do they have hope, are they in the lead for who might win, what happens to their loved ones if they do not return?
III.The sky the way they look, how old they are, their thoughts, and mostly their nerves and how it’s being portrayed as they are being brought to the Capitol.

»B. Who is cheering them on? What do they have to live for?

I. What are their goodbyes like? What memories do they have while leaving their District? Any last words to their family or friends? Does anyone fight to try to protect their child?
II. What plans do they have in their head? What are they envisioning in their head for the playing field?  What moves do they have that they plan on using as a secret weapon?

»C. How do they come to terms with what might happen?

I. Do they have an emotional breakdown, do they have any dreams or nightmares, when do they scream and shout, do they try to escape?
II. Are they rocking back and forth in their seat, are they sweating a lot, are they Breathing heavily, are they refusing to train for the games, are they trying to end their own life before they’re even put in the games?
III.Do they try to sabotage the games or the other teams? Do they pretend to be sick or ill?

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Part 2

2. Who is on their team? What tools do they have?

»A. Who is the other person from their district that is in the game and how do they get along?

I. Are they important to the character? Do they try to help the character? Are they more like you’re more talented than the character? Does the character feel bad for them because they look pathetic and may not make it past 5 minutes?
II. What type of weapons and/or tools do they make or are given? How do they plan on using it in the game? Do they hide that from everyone else or do they display it in public so people can become fearful of them? In the book Katniss uses a silver bow, Clove used daggers as did peeta. Marvel used a spear, Rue used a slingshot, Cato used a sword, but the cornucopia holds other weapons such as axes, throwing daggers and axes, maces, and survival equipment.
III.How does the character and the other person from their District combined their skills or talents? Do they have a good strategy? Where do they reign in terms of position for the games against other districts?

»B. What sponsors do they have and what do the sponsors give them?

I.  Demonstrate their likeable personality? What is the coach telling them? Are they a rebel? Does the rebellion, such like Katniss shooting an arrow through the pig, give them extra points?
II. What are they giving as a gift? Any elixirs anything that can heal them? Anything that could help like a tool?
III.They don’t have to have sponsors. But it may be tough not to. What cause them not to have sponsors? And how do they feel about it? If they do not have sponsors than maybe they create their own gadgets and gizmos in order to stay alive longer in the game.

»C. What tools do they have in the game and/or do they create any?

I. What material is made out of? Is it stable? Is it long lasting? Do they know how to use it?
II. Do they still, borrow, or even ask for someone else’s weapon? Do they try to make alliances with other teams? What are their odds looking like? On a scale of 1 to 10 How likely are they to win? How ugly are they to stay, for at least 5 minutes, alive in the game?
III.What are they going to do to protect them self? What are they going to do for food water and shelter?

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Part 3

3. What skills do they have and how did they prepare for it? Do they use those skills at all?

»A. Are the skills natural come with ease? Or do the skills require a lot of training and discipline?

I. Are they super strong, are they very quick, are they very smart? Can they out wit their competitors?
II. Mercy train for hours and hours a day? How much sleep can they get? Do they do any meditation or ritual practices? How do they keep a steady head?
III.Do they have to hide their training so no one copies them or knows what they’re doing? Do they get hurt during training or practice? Do they not have to train? Are there skills so advanced that they feel Superior to their competition?

»B. What obstacles, beliefs, or the like… must they use or conquer when mastering their skills for the game?

I. Do they have doubt, has anyone doubt at them? Are they unsure their skill will work? Are they training hard for their skill but it’s not as good as they want it to be? What are the problems with it; how are they vulnerable with their skill?
II. How do they adapt to circumstances and the game? How do they plan on adapting? Do they have a plan B? Do they have a plan C? What happens if someone turns their back on them? Especially if that person is from the same district.
III.What skills or trade to be learn? How can they combine that with their current skill? Do they team up with anyone?? Do they become Unstoppable force? Does anyone know about their team up or do they keep it secret hush hush? The character can pretend to hate somebody but secretly they’re  allies.

»C.  In the game must they use the skills? If so, to what lengths? And does it retract from other things? Does it leave them vulnerable to situations? How often do they use or can they use the skill?

I. How hard is it for them to use their skill as compared to training vs in the game? It could be because the arena is not designed to their advantage:

• It solely on water (such as an ocean)– various boats/rafts floating around and the tributes would have to fish for food or fight for what supplies are on the boats. Some of the boats might have small cannons to make it more exciting, and there’d be shark/octopus/etc attacks

• Mirror or some type of maze, except the mirrors would reflect monsters, loved ones, wild animals. The only real things in it would be the actual tributes. The only weapons they’d have would be themselves or mirror shards if they broke one.

• Caves full of spiders/bugs/creepy

II. Does a scale take more time? Does everyone else have the skill? What secret skills were everyone else hiding that is more powerful than your character’s?
III.Does it require them to make their presence known and lose their hiding place in order to use their skill or trade? Does the skill actually become a downfall to them and almost cost them their life?

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Part 4

4. How close do they come to being injured or deceased?

»A. Who attacks them and how do they attack back?

I. If they do come close, what causes it? And how do they manage to survive? Is it someone that are in an alliance with? Is it the other player from the district? Is it a stroke of luck? Or is it just them self?
II. Can I use their skill or do they have to play it at random? Sometimes in this game there’s no time to think.
III.Don’t forget about the game itself. What elements and/or things is the Capitol using against the character and the others?

»B. Go into depth with a few moments of when they are at their lowest and go in-depth of the moments when they’re at their strongest.

I. What do they do? Do they have certain thoughts? Do they look at the hidden cameras and try to say goodbye to their friends and family and the district? Does their entire personality and character change because it’s survival?

II. If they are at their strongest, does there cockiness become their weakness? Do they forget how vulnerable they can be in this game?

III.Or maybe at a slight moment’s notice things go from bad to worse, or worse to go to better. If so, what changed? Is it externally or also internally within the character’s heart and mind?

»C. Character must take someone else’s life? How brutal does the scene get? Do they maintain their dignity and their self-respect? Have they lost all morale?

I. Truly show the character’s personality, quarks, and give dialogue if they have to do something that gruesome. Give them a redeeming factor so the audience and readers will continue to like them. Such as, saying sorry before going through with the action, telling the person to run away and giving them a chance to escape because the thought of taking someone else’s life seems awful to them, Etc. Perhaps even bury the victim or say a prayer.

II. Or you can show different side of your character. You can show how the psyche of being in the game has taken them on the deep end and there’s no returning. Maybe because survival is the most important thing to the character they could have lost all signs of sympathy or rational thinking.
III.How stiff is the competition? Do they struggle in order to stay alive? Is it an easy win or battle? Leslie does the character take any of the victims items with them? Or do they just leave it there?

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Part 5

5. How far along in the game do they make it?

»A. When is their life cut short, if at all? How do they lose it?

I. What is the last thing they see, what is the last thing they say? What is the last thing they do, and how do they try to save their life? Was it random without notice, or they were taken by surprise, or did they have to fight someone or something?
II. Who are what is to blame? Does anyone avenge the character? What about the person from their District?
III.What happens when they pass away? Who ends up winning? How would you end the story or the scene with the character gone? What does the district do about their player being deceased?

»B. If they win, what is going through their mind? What is their price?

I. What does the future hold? Did they have to fight any of their friends? Do they plan on living life to the fullest or getting back at the Capitol for what they made them become?

II. How have they grown or change over the course of this game? Do they feel Superior or like the world is Weighing on their shoulders? Talk about how they’re emotionally, physically, and spiritually feeling after the game is completed.
III.What souvenirs do they carry outside of the game? When they leave the game how are they leaving? Is it by foot, is it by plane or jet, or are they given a surprise.. maybe it could be a good surprise or another battle surprise.

»C. What is their legacy?

I. What do people remember the most about them? Is anything going to change for the better or for the worse?

II. How has the game’s changed because of them? Will the capitol take notice to anything the character has done? Such as a sacrifice or maybe to something they said before they passed away?
III.What do you want your readers to take from the scene? What do you want them to think about the moment they close their book or turn off their computer? What makes the character memorable? What actions did they take to make their death sad? If they won how does this empower the readers? How does this inspire them to live their life to the fullest or to even stay strong when it doesn’t seem like there’s any other choice?



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