How to Write a Bromance Scene

NOTE: Bromance is a non-romantic but close relationship between two or more males.

Part One

  1. Are these men related and if not, what bonds them together? 

»A. They could be friends, brothers, cousins, or they could have just met but something good or bad brought them closer together.

I. Someone they both love could have passed away. Or they could win the lottery. Maybe they both failed to get that awesome job. Or, they then decided to join and create a business. A tragedy is more quick to bond someone together than something good happening. Because a tragedy brings people together, in a need of comfort and support. When someone great happens, the self usually is thought of first and unless the character needs the other male to get what he is awarded, then usually the bromance may not last long, depending.  
II. When it’s someone the character already has a bond with (family, friend) then both good or bad can bring them together at the same pace. It will affect them differently too. The tiniest things won’t break them apart as much as if they were strangers. 

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»B. Did something good or bad happen to make these men or boys close? Maybe it’s how they are sorority and considered the underdogs, or go to the same school and have a crush on the same girl. State what bonds them together.?

I. Elaborate on what you wrote in letter A. Go into detail about what led them to the here and now, unless they are currently going through one of the events that would create a bromance. If so, begin writing the beginning stages of how this could turn into a closer bond for the men. What signs show these men will get along or will have to try getting along whether they like it or not.  
II. Does anyone join them on this good or bad journey? Could be a male, female, even an animal. How do you intend to have them be a part of the scene? 
III. Two underdogs have a greater chance of bonding than two males who already have their lives established and are successful. With that said, which are they? How does their feelings, their hopes, their drive not only bond them together but push the scene forward? 

Part Two

    1. How do they show their bromance relationship to others and in private?

»A. Are they open about how close they are to people in general? How do others look at them when they are together?

I. Bromance buddies are comfortable expressing their feelings to one another and care deeply for each other. If they argue they can “hug it out.” Hugging, noogies, wrestle, belch, drink, talk, and hang out with each other are very common in bromances. 
II. One male might feel uncomfortable being so close in public depending on the social norms in tha region, country, state, etc. They may act one way in public and another in private. Is one of your characters that way? 
III. How do people view them and do the men notice? Does it affect them? What happens when one of them brings a girlfriend around? Do they change their behavior, show more attention to the female? Does that bring in jealousy?. 

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»B. In private, do they draw back or come closer in terms of friendship. Maybe they are the same as they are in public.

I. As state in letter A behind closed doors the men can be closer or not as close. Maybe it’s a facade or a way to gain attention. OR, do they do more bonding things such as sleep on one another’s shoulder? Cook dinner for each other. If so, where does the line stop before one of them becomes too uncomfortable or has concerns.. 
II. What is sacrificed to keep their friendship alive. What obstacles have they face to be able to be the way they are together. In terms of their own agreement as friends. How many fights, arguments have the men encountered before they became this comfortable.


Part Three

    1. Does anything jeopardize their relationship? Does anyone?

»A. Whether it’s a crush, another friend, a family member or how other’s view them.

I. You’ve already mentioned a few people who can get in the way. But now emphasis why that is a bad thing or maybe a good thing. A girlfriend can prevent two men from further developing a bromance to regrets. Possibly another friend or a family member can speak their concerns to the two men or one of the men. Thus, convincing them that maybe they need to part ways of give it a break.

II. Now, maybe if the two males are competing, that is the quickest way to go from bromance to frenemies. I wouldn’t suggest using those words, lol. But it get’s the point across quicker. Especially if they are trying to win over a woman, job or money.  
III. It could be that these men are bonded like no other and no one can break them up. If so, write about that. Show how someone tries to turn the men against one another but fail miserably.

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»B. How about an outside force. Something beyond their control or a decision one of them makes.

I. So if one of them dies…. moves… decided to go to college in a different country. Get’s married, gets sick, loses interest in certain hobbies and such that they use to do. Calls their friend out of their name. Doesn’t believe in them and their dreams. Becomes a person they were not before such as a liar, thief, etc.
II. How does both men cope with the reality that their bromance may never be the same again. Do they have hope? Do they give up easily or keep trying? How do they handle their other responsibilities in life in the meantime? Can grades start to fall? They get bitter, impatient, cry? Try finding someone similar to their ex-best friend?


Part Four

    1. How is this scene significant to their bromance? Out of all their other interactions, how is it significant to the overall story?

»A. Are there witnesses to this scene? Are there multiple men that make up the bromance? Detail out how this changes the direction of your story.

I. When there are multiple people in the bromance it could get a bit hard to manage. I’d suggest keeping a small not about who’s where and doing what. Who’s closer to who and so forth. When the bromance scene is happening, think about how these will change their relationship either for the better or worse. How will this particular scene shape the reader’s belief on how close they are. For example, if the two men are going on a sailing trip and end up on a deserted island for years only to want to end up eating each other out of desperation, how will this scene make the men not want to do that. Or at least prevent them from going through with it right away. Maybe they remember how they promised each other never to betray the other no matter what. Was this the scene they said that in? 
II. This entire scene can be a flashback or a thought about the future from one of the men. It could be a defining point to a decision they have been pondering about for the past week. How much more do the men like each other, trust each other after this scene? 

»B. Use dialogue and add in gestures. Show the heart of their relationship.

I. What gestures or language do these men use. Could be cursing, inside jokes, made up words, kind words, etc. Gestures such as pat on back when one of them burps. A head rub, a handshake. Do they use these words and gestures every time they meet? At the beginning, middle or end of their conversation? When people aren’t watching? Maybe they finish each other’s sentences. Know what each other are thinking.



Part Five

    1. Finish this scene with a endearing ending.

»A. Do these men have another time to spend together or will this be the last? Even if it’s the latter you can make it hopeful.

I. When they know they will see each other again, they can still hug and speak to each other as if it was their last, especially if the two bonded because they lost a loved on. Do they say when they’ll see each other next or do they already know when? How long is the hug? How intense? 

II. When the next time is uncertain, it will most always be an intense goodbye, especially if one if visiting from far away. Do they give each other gifts or do a gesture they usually wouldn’t do such as a kiss on the forehead. How long does their goodbye last and how will they stay in touch if possible?
III. Show the main character by himself, reflecting on the visit. What does he wish he did or didn’t do. Any ideas about what the two should do next? How does he feel while seeing his best friend leave? Peaceful, remorseful, sad, happy?



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