How to Write a Life After Death Scene


Part 1

1. How did they die and do they have a conscience still?

»A. What happened to make them leave the living world and was it by accident or was it on purpose?

I. did the character or someone else actively make the character leave the living world? How tragic or how peaceful was it?
II.Does the character even have a conscience or are they a floating object with no desire or purpose?

»B. What have they left behind and if they have a conscience do they miss it?

I. Who is missing them right now?
II. Do they remember what happened in the real world, do they have all the memories?
III. what human aspects they don’t have that they wish they did have, but at the same time what aspects in the afterworld they have that they didn’t have when living?

Part 2

2. Who did they meet on the other side and what is happening currently?

»A. Have they found a friend or are they all alone in this world?

I. Is it punishment or are they in a good place? How does the reader and the character know?
II. Do they have to conform to rules or are they having complete freedom?
III. What tasks do they have to complete and if there are none then what becomes their mission in the afterlife?

»B. Is it safe or are they trying to find somewhere safe to be?

I. Is this world truly safe or does it look like it’s safe? Describe what might be weird about it and what might be completely ordinary.
II. If the characters trying to find safe places, and they might be looking for someone to help them or perhaps the places that are safe are temporary and they have to constantly look for somewhere to go. But that leaves the question what can harm them in the afterlife?


Part 3

3. Can they see or experience the living world?

»A. Can they see the living world but not experience or interact with anyone?

I. do they walk right through things, or are they able to actually pick up objects and touch people?
II. how many does it get for them? Show it through the characters expressions, or their thoughts, or what they’re thinking, or even the conversation they have with other afterlife beings.

»B. How about experiencing the Living World and people can actually see them either as a real person or as a ghost?

I. do they frighten those they loved before or are they accepted in this living world?
II. maybe have going to The Living World as a treat and they only get to stay for a short amount of time. If so, why are they there and what are they trying to make happen or where they trying to prevent?

Part 4

4. What emotions are going through their head and how do they plan on settling them?

»A. Do they miss the world and do they feel like they can get back somehow? Are they logical or are they hopeful and figure out a way? Maybe the character isn’t even dead yet?

I. does the character continue to hold onto Hope, and where are they getting this Hope from who or what made them think that they can get back?
II. if the character is in a coma, or are they visiting the afterworld through psychic abilities or powers then it’s possible that they can’t get back to the living world so quickly.

»B. Does the character even have the ability to have the same emotions they did in the living world? If so, are these emotions heightened or are they subdued?

I. are they considered human still and if so how long until they fade into another being in this new reality?
II. do they have heightened senses and new powers? Do they not feel as much as they used to feel or think as much as they used to.

Part 5

5. How has the character adapted to the after world?

»A. Show the audience how they character is coping. Maybe they mastered their way around their new world. If so. do they teach anyone else how to do it too?

I. compare the living room to the afterworld and what the character is doing differently and how the character is behaving differently.
II. is a character finding out the shortcuts and the quick paths to the afterworld and are they starting to actually like it?

»B. Are they suffering in the afterworld, and if so do they have to stay or can they get out? Maybe move on to another after world.

I. is there another place for them to go like a second after World. Another death reality with better places?
II. if the character can move on what do they have to do to go there and if they can’t, how do they plan on getting there in a secret way?
III. what do they discover and this new world or and they’re new view of the afterlife? What do they hope that their loved ones that are living will do before die?


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