Write for Us!

Not interested —-> take me to an outline pronto! 

You don’t have to be a published writer or have a degree to write for this website. What you need is creativity, quality and, of course, passion. Can’t do nothing without it!

Submission Process

Use our contact form. Be sure to put in the subject “Outline Submission”. Include your name and a valid email address.

OPTIONAL: Give us a link to your work. We only accept reputable websites such as fanfiction.net, author websites or similar venues. Include a paypal donate button for writers and readers who would want to donate to you. Tutorial on how can be found here. Click me!

What you Need

Creativity is a must but we also are looking for quality outlines. Please take the time to edit it extensively, this includes grammar, spelling and the like. We may ask for you to revise the outline a few times.

The outline needs at least (can be more) 3 parts, 4 functions each and 10 roman numerals for the overall total. For more information please refer to our Outline Tutorial! Or you can just copy the format of our Saying Goodbye Outline.



Your outline will be automatically rejected if it is a repeated topic. For example, there is already an outline about kissing scenes and murder scenes but they are sold as books. We will not accept the same topic UNLESS a new idea is added to it. Let’s take the fighting scene, for example. If you create a fighting outline then maybe the fighting is for creatures instead of humans, or humans with powers and certain skills. Again, this is where being creative falls into play.

Always contact us or leave a comment below if you are unsure whether or not your topic would suffice. We would be happy to help choose a subject if needed.

*Fully finish your outline as well. This means we would like you to include the story.*

Outlines We Want to See

We are literally open to most subjects. Please be appropriate and nothing hateful or in ill-taste please. Be considerate of your fellow writers. We do not tolerate hateful or derogatory words and phrases at certain groups of people. Curse words are fine but do not overload the outline with that.

Include your personality PLEASE. Be funny, charming and allow your voice to be shown through. We will definitely give you credit so include your name and a link to any of your books or websites. 

Sources You can Use for your Outline

  • Go ahead and use Yahoo answers for your source. Many people have great input, however do not plagiarize. We will not accept any copyrighted or plagiarized content in outlines. No questions asked!
  • Use books. If you read any books with great input on the subject your outline is about, go ahead and include it in a unique way.
  • Life experiences are always great. For example, if you were writing a kissing scene take from your own experience and include it in the outline. How long was the kiss? Did it suck? Why?
  • Movies are another great source. Watch a movie with your subject for the outline. Take notes and include details.

What You Get Out of It?

  1. You may include a paypal donation button. If visitors enjoy your work, this will give them the opportunity to donate. Links to your website or work for people to see.
  2. Goes great on your resume. When submitting those query letters to agents or applying for a job in the publishing business, or even your biography for your works, you can include that you wrote for writethatscene.com! Sweet, I know. You can even direct them to the outline and if they enjoy your writing, they may seek you  out :-).
  3. Experience. We all know this is a big one. Being able to put our writing out there and receive feedback is always wonderful, but to improve our writing through experience is even better.

Once submitted Please note: All copyrights will be transferred to the owner of this website. Any outline may be changed without notice this includes but not limited to: additional content, excluding content, etc.