How to Write a Party Scene


Part One

  1. Choose a theme. For instance, is it a college party, a kid’s party, or a Halloween party?
  2. »A.Use this, if you are writing about a college party or a party with adults.

I.      Frat parties: Free endless drinks everywhere. Sometimes they’ll be on the floor to or when you first step out the car there’s normally beer bottles strewn about on the lawn. There is really loud thumping music, usually the popular stuff of the time mixed with some old classics.

II.      Mostly everyone is drunk/tipsy, with a few people in clusters sitting around outside either making out, dancing somewhere, drinking or just talking. The occasional drunk person may be stumbling around. Talk about how the place looks as well. Occasionally having that many drunken people can destroy a house or building.

III.    Inside its normally hot and sticky and sometimes dark. People may fake getting drunk and there will be girls taking their shirts off.

IV.    If the party has drug dealers and they’re dangerous people, they may be in a corner deep in the party or upstairs in a room.

Example 1: The messy room had empty bottles laid on the ground, waiting for someone to trip over them. I almost was a victim. As for the people in this crowded area, they looked reminded me of the beer bottles: empty and useless. As I stepped over the god-awful mess, I noticed the music playing in the background. The tunes sounded like my own music I just recorded in the studio. Ethan was right, Paul did choose my song for his party. All of a sudden, this party wasn’t so bad after all. Well, at least with my voice singing in the background.


    »B.Continuation of letter ‘A’…

I.   House parties: These are usually more friends and everybody usually knows somebody. It can either be very packed and hot, or just like twenty people. There are usually drinks but they run out way faster, more of a laid-back environment. There is music, but not loud crazy fun because their most likely trying to avoid the cops.

II.      At any college party at any given time there is a game of spades or beer pong going on depending on the crowd and what they’re into.

Example 2:  

 “Hey bro,” Ethan said, coming over to give me a handshake. “How’s it going. Are you likin’ the party?”

I nodded. “Very much so. I am delighted to have been invited to attend.”

Ethan slapped me on the back. “Stop with such nonsense.” He chuckled. “You talk to proper. Loosen up, don’t be so stiff.” He shoved a beef in front of my face. “He, drink it. You need it more than anyone in this room.”

I smiled and reluctantly took the bottle and started to drink. “I don’t plan on staying long, Ethan. I just wanted to make sure Paul was playing my music.”

Ethan put a hand to his ear as if listening to something far away. “Here that…. that’s your song. Now you know I wasn’t lying. Anyway, if the music producer who Paul invited likes your CD, he might just sign you on his a record label.”

I dropped the beer and said, “What- what? Record label, music producer, here, tonight?” The words were heavy when coming from my mouth.

“Yep. But, unless you stay for a little longer there is no way he’ll be able to meet you. So, go on if you want.”

“No– uh,” I grinned, “I’ll stay.”

“Are you sure?” Ethan picked up the beer from the ground and handed it to me.

“I’m sure,” I said eagerly.

That evening I played beer pong, strip tease and whatever else the crowd decided to do. I lost each game and made a fool of myself, but I kept remembering why I was doing this. I worked for seven years on my album. I did everything I could to reach the big leagues in the music industry. If getting a record label deal with Johanson Smith meant that I had to act like I wanted to be here, then by golly I am going to win an Oscar for my performance.



Part Two

  1. If you plan on writing about a different party…
  2. »A.Does the character meet anyone at the party?

I. Maybe they meet their crush there. If this is so, then you can also use the Kissing Scene.

II. Does anything significant happen at the party that will affect the overall plot? If not, I would suggest you skip over the party scene by simply stating that it happened. Or you can say: several hours had passed and so-and-so decided to head home.

Example 3:  

Several hours past and still Johanson Smith hadn’t shown up. It wasn’t until Paul came out his room, drunk, with a beautiful girl by his side that I decided to leave. As he walked gracefully down the stairs (or try to) I ran to meet him halfway.

“I refuse to stay any longer,” I said to him. “This is getting out of hand. I only came to hear my song played and I only stayed because your brother said Johnason the music producer was coming. Where is here?”

Paul didn’t answer so I shook him silly until he….. threw up all over my shoes.

“Gross. Yuck, damn!” I shouted. “I hate you, I hate all of you.” Everyone in this messy room was staring at me in silence.

“Dude, just chill,” Ethan told me.

“I don’t think so.” And with that, I walked out of the house, got in my car, turned on the engine and prepared to leave the scene. I couldn’t believe I trust Ethan. Seriously, I should have known by now. For goodness sake he was Paul’s brother, of course there wasn’t any good in him. 


    »B.Most of all, is the character enjoying their self?

I.     Show their inner feelings through their actions. Do they stay by the punch bowl, avoiding everyone?

II.      Do they leave early because they’re bored or socially awkward?

III.    Are they the life of the party, dancing with everyone and initiating fun games?

Example 4:  

Before driving off I thought for a moment about returning to the party. I mean, I did have fun and I never experienced so many people treating as if they were my friends before. And if only for one night I can— never mind. What was I thinking? Some people just never change, especially Paul. Stepping on the gas pedal, I drove away from the dreaded house I had come to despise. I tried to stop thinking about how I was lied to by Ethan. I tried to stop thinking about the nasty smell that was lingering on my shoes thanks to Paul’s barf. And I tried to, and I tried to…WATCH OUT!!!!!!


I woke up in a hospital with my neck wrapped and two limbs. “What’s going on?” I said to Ethan who happened to be by myside.

“You were driving drunk. More than .12 was your alcohol consumption. “

“Shit, there goes my license, car and wallet,” I said, banging myself on the head.

“Actually,” Ethan continued, “You ran over a person.”

“You’re kidding.” I slammed my head into the pillow. Not only did I just screw up my night, I screwed up my entire life. No lawyer would be able to get me out of this mess. “Are they dead?”

Ethan nodded.

My eyes widened and I felt my heart beat a million miles per hour. “Who did I kill? Tell me?” I wished I could just reach out and shake him silly. He wasn’t saying anything. “Please,” I started to cry, “please tell me. I can take it.”

“Johanson Smith,” said Paul, walking into the room with a slight smirk on his face.

“You’re lying,” I said quietly. Then I began to yell it. “You’re lying, bastard!!”

Ethan finally spoke up again. “He’s not. You were driving you truck when you hit him without realizing it. He was headed to our house party.”

“He’s right,” Paul joined in. “These were the papers Johanson was holding.”

I read the papers. They were contracts. Record label contracts for me.

Paul sat at the end of my bed and held his head low. “I’m sorry,” he said. A tear fell from his right eye. “It was meant to be a surprise for all the trouble we caused you over the years. I’m soo sorry.”

Ethan went over to rub Paul’s back. I managed to suck in my sniffs in order to say this:

“So where does that leave me? What happens now?”

Paul and Ethan looked at each other. “The cops are going to arrest you the moment you get better.”

I knew it. My fate was horrible.

“—But we will help you get out of here before then.”

“How?” I said anxiously.

“You need to trust us. Can you do that?” Paul said, putting out his hand so I can shake it.

I thought for a moment about these two. I never could trust them in the past, how could I trust them now. It didn’t matter, though, they were my only hope. I swallowed the lump in my throat, nodded my head and shook Paul’s hand saying:



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3 thoughts on “How to Write a Party Scene

  1. Thank you, but how would you write a fanfiction where the whole (1-2 pages) Story consists of a party? It would be a house party for around 13 year olds, boys and girls. Any help here please?

    1. Good Morning Amy,

      What I would suggest is putting yourself into the situation. As a thirteen year old, what would you (and your friends) want to do at a party. Now, depending on if there is supervision, some of those activities may not be able to happen. For example, let’s say the 13 year olds want to drink and makeout. Well, that is highly unlikely if there is adult supervision. However, that’s were you can make the story interesting. Maybe the adult is past out drunk himself, of maybe the party was thrown without the consent of a parent.

      Answer that question first, and then it should make the fanfiction story easier to write. Now, here are some situations you can add to your story:
      1. Girl admits crush to boy or visa versa
      2. A fight breaks loose
      3. Someone gets drunk, acts clumsy and ends up falling down the stairs, potentially injuring them-self terribly
      4. Truth or dare/ games such as kissing in the closet and pranks galore
      5. Breakups between both friends and couples/ people becoming a couple
      6. Celebrating a birthday or two
      7. Gossip about school, teachers, friends, etc

      You can add whatever you like. The main idea of a party is food, fun, and company. List what type of food you want at the party and what you think would be fun for the teenagers, then list who would arrive and how those characters are important to the story:

      For example
      1. The bully kid who was invited just to be made fun of
      2. The couple who is lovebirds were invited just to be broken up by someone else
      3. The cool kid who makes everything THAT much cooler

      Then, decide how are they important to the story:
      1. The bully kid is made fun of but it ends up back firing on the host or the people who were making fun of him.
      2. The lovebirds who were invited prove their love is stronger than infatuation or lust. The person trying to break them up ends up looking like a fool.
      3. The cool kid doesn’t make the party cooler and actually gets everyone in trouble by the police

      With that said, use the three: food, company and fun as a way to move your story forward.
      –Have food fights with the food. Or maybe two teenagers feed each other the cake and end up falling in love (corny, I know).
      — Have the company/part goers do what party goers do… party like they’re rockstars with the music blasting hella loud.
      — What is considered fun to you? And implement that into the story.

      Again, use your experience from the parties you went to or from what you seen on t.v. This should help and probably would go beyond 2 pages worth of story telling.

      Hope this helped and let me know how it goes!!

      -James Sterling

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