How to Write a Mind Control Scene


Part 1

1. Why are they being controlled?

»A. Has they done something they shouldn’t have have they gotten to a certain obstacle that they were meant to be?

I. Were they the ones intended for the Mind Control in the first place?
  II. How easy was it for them to be controlled, or was it a challenge?

»B. How did they discover the person who is doing the mind control? Is it a person evil or good?

I. Was the person who had the powers hidden or were they there all along and the character never knew?
  II. does everyone know who this person is that has the power or is this person trying to make people listen to them maybe the Mind controller isn’t even a bad person but someone that wants to be understood.
III. If the person is truly evil or truly good how does the character know unless they know them? Therefore what conversation has been exchange?

Part 2

2. How are they trying to break out of it?

»A. Have they walked into it with an elaborate plan or did they go into it winging it in hopes that they knew how to get out of it?

I. Do they have powers of their own or did they borrow powers from a friend?
  II. If they had an elaborate plan did it mess up or did it not work and do they have a back-up plan?
III. Did they not even make a plan or have any intention of getting out of the Mind Control? So now that they’re in it they don’t want to be…. what are they going to do

»B. Are they not trying to break out of it and maybe that’s how the mind control can be beat or are they allowing themselves to be controlled for a specific reason?

I. Have the character experience hitting a wall; make them feel uncertain about where they are going to go and whether or not they will win against this control. How does it challenge the character?
  II. if the character is align themselves to be controlled for a specific reason and explain the reason to the leader or maybe keep it mystery and show little by little why the character is not fighting back right away. Maybe they have to adapt to the Mind Control enough to realize the ins and outs to fight against it.

Part 3

3. What will happen if they lose the battle of mind control?

»A. Who are they fighting for and who is cheering them on?

I. what possessions or qualities does the character have that they need in order to complete the task of Mind Control battling?
  II. they are fighting for people are these people watching the character under the control and are they trying to help the character out? In what ways?

»B. Is it something big that they’re protecting or is it just based on Merit that they must get out of it? Is this a test?

I. whatever they’re protecting doesn’t have to be physical it can be mental or can it be emotional, just explain why it’s important to the character and how it will move your story along.
  II. if this is some type of test how has the character prepared for it and does it look like they’re filling or succeeding?

Part 4

4. Do they ever give in at one point?

»A. Do they think they can’t handle the pain of fighting against my control? Were they told that it was hopeless and they agreed?

I. if they given then how long did they quit? Does this affect their chances for the better or for the worse?
  II. what gets them motivated again if they’re feeling hopeless?

»B. Maybe it’s part of the characters plan. Maybe the character realize that they have to experience the mind-controlling over to figure out how to get out of it? Maybe they’re in it for a reason to help others out?

I. show the characters intelligence and how they knew that this would be the best way.
  II. the character can be sacrificing themselves to help out others and does everyone else know that, does the character even know that themselves?

Part 5

5. How do they get out or are they screwed?

»A. Does the character’s plan work or do they need someone to help them?

I. do they break free from the Mind Control using something physical or using their own mind?
  II. if someone helps him out is that an ally to the character and is that person freed from the mind control themselves or have they always been in it with a surprising dose of reality?
III. if the character is not going to get out then what happens next, who is the next victim? What is the point of this mind control?

»B. If the character has to stay in the mind control what becomes of them and those who they tried to protect?

I. is the character the chosen one and if they become a slave to this control than everyone else will either willingly or unwillingly?
  II. how would this alter the future and the civilization of where the character lived?
III. can the mind control Bend to the will of the controller or can the people who are controlled manipulate their own path?


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