How to write a Crowning Scene


Part One

  1. Who is being crowned and how significant is the crowning? What are they being crowned of?  

»A. Could be anything from a country to a game to an act. Does it make national news? Or is it some type of joke between friends?

I. Quick Overview of crowning ceremony:

– The Sovereign enters wearing the surcoat and the first Robe.
– Takes a seat on the chair of Estate with the most important people at each side. Then person (we’ll call them director for now) during the coronation calls for the Recognition of the new ruler.
-After the people acclaim the Sovereign, the Director administers an oath.
– Once the taking of the oath concludes, a book, important documents, etc, is presented to the Sovereign and it is either read from or signed.
– Afterward, the surcoat robe is removed, and the Sovereign proceeds to Throne, wearing the anointing gown.
– Their then enrobed in the other garments and robes.
– The Director, assisted by other important people, then presents the items to the Sovereign.
– Then people rejoice or shout of something. Soon after fireworks or cannons are fired.
– Homage is paid. If there is a Queen Consort, she is crowned in a very simple ceremony immediately before homage is paid.
-At some point all present sing the National Anthem.

Example: She represented the wisdom of all the nation. It was her time to reign and nobody dared to stop Princess Laya.

II. If the crowning is for something less significant like a game or someone who is being made fun of (crown of fools) then you can decide how you want your coronation to be. Usually everything is made from scratch such as the crown and the oath can be a joke. Many things can be overlooked and not much order needs to happen.  

Suggest YOUR Scene Idea


»B. Does the ruler willingly go through with it? Is this a last minute thing or has it been planned for months??

I. You can emphasis the way they feel by what their wearing or their posture. If they didn’t care they may not wear the appropriate attire and slouch. If they cared, they probably would wear a variety of different robes and other garments during the course of the ceremony:

– a surcoat designed with the colors of the land– the regular dress during most of the ceremony, worn under all other robes.
– the first robe used at a coronation, worn on entry to the coronation and later at other ceremonies.
– Anointing gown – a simple and austere garment worn during the anointing.
– the first robe with which symbolizes the derivation of Royal authority from the people.
– the main robe worn during the ceremony and used during the Crowning.
– a scarf or gloves which accompanies the main robe.
– the robe worn at the conclusion of the ceremony, on exit from the coronation.

Several participants in the ceremony wear special costumes, uniforms or robes. For example, a cape designate their rank.
Example: Just as the priest read from the holy book I notice the princess shed a few tears. She had waited for this day for over 40 years. Her mother, the former Queen, never abdicated. Therefore princess Laya waited… and waited until finally by December 21, 2029 the Queen died from natural causes. Eagerly awaiting this day was also her husband Ethan. He wore a long red robe that matched his wife’s and jewels adorned his neck. His grin widely seated on his ever-expanding face, eyebrows glued together in tight harmony, concentrating on what the priest said.

II. If it’s a last minute thing, then show how it’s a last minute thing. What are they lacking, how many people are there, how rushed is the ceremony? Do they even complete the ceremony? Is it easily interrupted?

III. It could have been planned for months, years, decades or even minutes. However, if the person being crowned or whoever is crowning, is not taking it seriously, then that can change the feel of the scene. Show how these people care… or do not care about the coronation.


Example: Each person played their role correctly. Not a single mistake occurred during the coronation. The crowd cheered on cue as the priest prepared to put the crown on princess Laya’s head. Prince Ethan gave a marvelous speech about what the people should expect and when Laya stood up not a single person stood; everyone bowed.

Part Two

    1. Who comes to witness and are they thrilled about the ceremony? Who is there to present the crown to the new ruler?

»A. What are the facial expressions, the thoughts, the words, or the gestures being made among the crowd and those who are crowning the ruler?

I. Attendees may include:

-Citizens, Family and Friends
-Foreign and Commonwealth dignitaries, some of whom will participate in the ceremony directly.
-Many nobles and members of the aristocracy will attend (some will have special roles in the ceremony)
-The ceremony is attended by a wide range of politicians, including the High Minister and members of the Cabinet, the Leader of the opposition, all Governors, Heads of States and dependent nations.
Example: All the family she had left was Joseph, her 78 year old uncle who wanted no part of the monarchy. He had been overlooked too much and didn’t even step foot in the castle since the day princess Laya was born. This may be a decision he will regret for life, considering the new queen MAY want payback for her uncles lack of love.

And to think the High Minister, Head of states, religious leaders from around the globe attended this historical event, yet her uncle couldn’t step foot in the castle to greet his niece.

II. Are people snickering, talking, yawning, getting up to use the restroom, couching, babies crying, sleeping, sneezing, mocking, fainting? OR does everyone make sure to be on their best behavior. You can easily write about how the man sitting in the front clearly needed to sneeze but the woman sitting next to him put a finger under his nose to prevent him from doing so. Or the mother who has a crying baby shoved a bottle quickly in their mouth to prevent them from interrupting the ceremony. How about someone who fell while walking up the steps, got back up and dusted themselves off like nothing happened… even though they limped the rest of the way. AND not one dared laugh or say a word because the crowning was far more important.

III.Who is the honorary person to crown the new ruler? Why were they chosen and what is their title? What are they doing at the time?  
Example: The priest knew about this family issue but dare not speak about the misfortune. He spoke highly about princess Laya and her family as he held the crown in his hands. Only minutes later will it forever rest on our new queen.

Suggest YOUR Scene Idea


»B. Name the job description and a sentence or two about the background of the ruler and those who are crowning them.

I. You can name your people however you see fit, it is your scene. However, to give you an idea, the Archbishop crowns the ruler in England. Maybe you would have a high official from the military, a church, or the previous successor crown the new ruler. However, whoever has the responsibility is usually either same rank as the ruler, a little below the ruler in rank or above the ruler in rank. . 
II. What has the new ruler done to deserve respect? What has got them to where they are now and how have they prepared for this moment?

Example: As the high priest crowns Princess Laya the crowd chants: Long live the Queen. The heavens heard their cries for she had truly done great things. From her charity works to finding the cure for several diseases. Being worthy of the throne had never been questioned by anyone. Not even her uncle. For everyone knew out of all rulers who had reigned in the country of Resnika, Queen Laya was the best bet for success.  

Part Three

    1. What happens during the ceremony and what items are used?

»A. Anything go wrong while the person is being crowned? Is there something lost or does the ruler have a change of heart about being crowned?

I. Could be weather, a war, a random death in the audience, someone important saying “They are not to be crowned yet!”, people in the crowd booing, a riot or mob, a prank, takes too long to finish coronation, too many mistakes and mishaps, etc.

II. Does the character have a change of heart about being crowned? Why? Do they state it? Do they run away or have a speech? Do they feel they want to be more than a King or Queen and something else? Do they love someone and cannot be with them if they are ruler? Do they refuse to rule unless their mate can rule with them? 
III. Do both the people and the ruler feel it’s not best to have a queen or king or to choose someone else to rule? If so, how does that go down? What happens next? Do they randomly pick someone from the crowd? Do they already have an idea about who they want to be crowned? Do they want a democracy instead?  

Example: As Queen Laya walked to the podium to give her speech she noticed in the crowd a familiar face. A face burned into her memories for ages, yet she hasn’t seen in decades. George, her uncle stood 5 rows back with a long grey beard and ragged clothes. He had been living offgrid for the past 30 years and looked frail. Queen Laya paused for a minute or two before anyone noticed. They all turned their heads to what caught their ruler’s full attention. The man now had everyone looking at him, from the High Priests to the common folk. Yet he stood his ground while making way to the stage. A few guards hurried to grab him and keep him a few inches from the new Queen.

“It is my time!” the frail man shouted. “I deserve the crown!!” His voice weak yet clear as day.

Queen Laya stood in shock unwillingly listening to his every word as if it grabbed her by the fingertips and kept her frozen with curiosity coursing through her veins.

Suggest YOUR Scene Idea


»B. If everything is peachy, then move on with the ceremony. What items are used to complete and “make whole” the new ruler? Any rituals or last minute documents needed to be signed?

I. Sword,Crown Jewels are delivered: the Orb, a ring representing the “marriage” between him or her and the nation. The Sceptre(s). As the Sovereign holds the two sceptres, the Director places the crown on his or her head.
II. What performances takes place? Any praying, dancing, sayings, hand shaking, humming, or silences that take place? Parades? Bands? Singers? Food? Or perhaps, make up your own unique ritual that happens during the ceremony.
Example: A minute goes by before the priest distracts the crowd by saying, “Let us forget what has taken place and move on with the rightful heir to the throne. I give you, Laya Alma Marros Luitabn, Queen of Resnika. The crowd cheered, drowning out the misery that had taken over the ceremony as the guards dragged out the uncle who had no right of saying what he did.

Soon the atmosphere became cheerful again. Dancing, singing, hugging and all around celebrating for what the future holds. The only silent and non-resilient one was none other than Queen Laya herself. None had seen her like this before. What was she thinking? Why was she not happy?


Part Four

    1. Who challenges the crown, if anyone? Is there a threat upon the new ruler? What does the ruler promise for the future?

»A. How sustainable is their new rule? Do they have the power and protection to fight against anything??

I. Is there an enemy that’s waiting for the coronation to finish so they can attack? Is there poison on the crown? Is the enemy wanting the person to be crowned because they know they would fail? If the person doesn’t do well for their country what will happen? Would they be dethroned? Attack of the kingdom? People will starve? How crucial is the coronation? What bad would happen if it didn’t take place at the particular time?


Example: The country’s leader had other problems more crucial to worry about. She needed to get her head in the game and quickly. Attacks from many nations were threatening us with war. Her father, great King Ernest had pushed off the threat long enough. Now the other nations wanted to either make peace or war and it was up to Queen Laya to make peace. God knows what would happen if her uncle became king. WW3 for sure and saying that is generous enough. He went mental years after the queen’s birth 40 years ago and hadn’t recovered. Our kingdom had no time for his silly nonsense or games. We needed a true ruler.

II. Could the threat be handled now? Or later? Does someone threatened them while the crown is placed on the ruler’s head, and is then arrested? How serious is that threat being taken? Does the coronation have to be stopped because of it?  

»B. If there is no threat, then go on with the speech. What does the ruler say? How do they give hope and inspiration to their new people?

I. They could promise more wealth, land, jobs, less taxes, better health, a new beginning? For some law to be broken or restored? For some barrier to be tear down or put up again? For a long life? TO be prosperous? You can write a QUICK speech. This will help the reader know what is the purpose of this ruler and details about the people and land they will govern. Example:

From the giant pearly white gates of our far north to the rapid waters in the east, Our founding fathers have created a land for all people. And I shall continue to build upon that.

Notice how I talked about the land and the people. The reader can pick up on that and see that the country may be somewhat wealthy because of the pearly gates and the far north waters. How the person being crowned isn’t the first ruler of the country and how they are determined to do good and more than their successors.

After an hour of celebration Queen Laya came back to the podium to speak. It was the first time since her uncle shouted “I deserve the crown” and the guards dragged him away.
“My people, I come to you this day with a heavy heart. I know what the future brings and I cannot do it without you, my husband King Ethan and most of all my uncle.”

The crowd gasped as the queen continued, “He knows about the secrets and the war threats more than I do. He has studied it for 65 years, far longer than I. I have decided to make my uncle a high adviser to me. For Resnika’s future generations to know peace I must do what is necessary.”

Queen Laya walked away from the stage and into the castle. Not a sound was made. No clapping, booing or hollering. The crowd became speechless and frozen just like Queen Laya was a few moments ago.


Part Five

    1. How is the completion of the crowning received? How do both the ruler and witnesses react? Is anything missing?

»A. What makes the crowning memorable? Does the ruler ponder about what if’s? Is this the choice the are proud to have made? What lies ahead?

I. How do people in other countries react and how do the rulers? Are gifts given/sent? Is everything made in heaven at this moment? What doesn’t belong in the scene but is in it anyway? Such as:

-One person not clapping in cheering in the crowd and the new ruler notices.
-An item is replaced with a replica and the ruler is wearing it for the coronation but doesn’t realize it… yet.
-Ruler has an upset stomach or pain but needs to tolerate it for a little longer?
-The weather not agreeing with the happy crowd. Possibly thunderstorms and heavy rain.


II. What makes it memorable? Are they the youngest to be crowned? The only woman or man to be crowned? The first? The last? Someone who took over the land? The shortest? Tallest? Did the 40 day of straight rain stop specifically on this special day? Did a peace agreement happen between two lands?
Just as the queen left from view she broke down crying, something she hadn’t done in years, even when her father died.

“What’s wrong, my love?” King Ethan said in a worried tone as he helped his wife to stand.

Queen Laya looked solemnly into his eyes before saying, “Before my father passed away he told me the truth about who was to rule. My uncle gave up the throne because my father had cancer. He wanted to make his brother’s remaining time on earth worth it. He was only meant to rule for a few years because the doctors said my dad had a few years to live. But then he had me. And at the age of eight I discovered the cure to his disease. He reigned for a longer time. My uncle stormed in one day yelling at my father. The doctors were then ordered to say my uncle was insane. He never was….. my father promised to give the throne to my uncle no matter what within 10 years. He lied by making up stories about my uncle. On my father’s death bed he told me to do whatever it takes to bring honor to our name. Even if it means giving up the crown to the rightful owner, my uncle.”
“How selfish!” King Ethan hollered.

III. End this scene with what lies ahead. What do both the ruler, their people, and nearby countries have to look forward to? Even if it’s not so grand.

The Queen sighed before saying, “Unfortunately, I feel I owe a debt much bigger than my father’s.”

King Ethan narrowed his eyes. “And what is that?” he asked.
Queen Laya went to the window and looked out to the crowd. She took a deep breath in before continuing, “I only allowed my country to receive the cure for the three diseases. I never wanted the outside world to partake in our success. And because of that, we have war threats. If only I allowed other countries to get this cure decades ago then there wouldn’t be an uprising. For in the depths of my heart I know that I am no better than my father.”

Ethan stared at his wife in disbelief. He had family and friends in other countries, dying of the very disease that Queen Laya found the cure for. For years he cried and worried seeing some of them die and other suffering. His wife never offered to give them the cure because they were not citizens of Resnika?

All he could do was shake his head. “You’re right…” he began when walking over to the new queen, “You are no better than your father. And with that he took off his crown put it in his wife’s hands before leaving the castle for good.


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