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-The dance grew livelier and livelier.
-Taking her hand in his, he swept her gracefully into dance.
-he gazed down at her with a solemn expression
-She stepped onto the floor and awed them all
-She gazed across the lacquered wooden tiles and, with a sudden burst of courage that she hadn’t known she’d possessed, stepped onto the dance floor. As the thrumming rhythm of classical music whispered into her ears, she began to dance.
-I took her hand and twirled her into my arms
– We fell in step, letting the rhythm control our movements.
– letting herself get pulled into some random tune
– All the scenery and people around us dissolved
– held him close, letting his warmth heat her
– pulled her back to him
-He saw the hesitation in her eyes
– feeling dizzy from the loud music
-Uncontrollable feelings surged through my body, and my fingers tingles in delight.
– We danced the song away
– her hips against mine, swaying to the beat.
-she wrapped her arms around my neck.
– took me in his grasp
-I drew her close to my chest
– The song that played tells the truth of how we both secretly felt
– we glided together in perfect harmony
– My body was acting on its own, no chains to hold me back from this pure paradise.
-weaving through a sea of bodies until they found a spot of their own.
-allowing their bodies to twine in a different kind of dance
-her body bending and swaying in time with the music.
– had taken her hands and begun leading her in an
-I wrapped my arms around her neck and held her tight
-He gathers her into his arms, lifting her up
– He leaned closer waiting to see if she was going the push him off. She leaned closer still.
-She twirls around, her short dress spinning around her legs
– would pull out all stops
– grinding against her to the beat of the music
– Her lips went to my ear as she whispered ever so softly.
-her surefooted movements flowing well with his more hesitant paces.
-No one else mattered to either of them.
– her eyes twinkled back at me in greeting
– moving your body to the sound of music
-wasted no time in taking his hand
-whirled around the dance floor
-heard the first few notes of a soft, slow song begin to play. He turned to her and asked, “Do you want to dance?”
– He tightened his embrace
– Warm arms wrapped around each other, lost in a world that blocked out everything else
-as if music was breathing through his body
-Searching each other’s eyes, their dance stops in anticipation
– They moved and swayed, happy to be together
– His hand slipped down her back
– Her fingers spread across his lean back
– you lose yourself to the rhythm of your heartbeat and the music of your emotions
– so close in his arms that he can feel every breath she takes matching his.
– the music grew faster,
– Her skirts barely brush the floor as he leads her through the waltz
– as gentle fingers caressed her hips.
– it was slow, at first, and methodical, getting to know each other and they way they both moved together.
– she got the sense that he was never going to let her go
– glide and whirl gracefully over the stone floor.
– After a while the lights dimmed and a slow, melodic tune began to play.
-push and pull away in tune to the tides
– taking his hand and putting the other around his waist
– Our simple steps so effortlessly pure
-Her hips find his again, only this time she’s facing away from him
– grown clung to her body as if it were just paint
– I smiled and took his hand
– felt safe in him
– offered me his hand at the next song.
– scent of him was enough to calm her down, make her feel completely safe
– I can feel all eyes on me and my partner
– their bodies meeting into a strong yet soft touch.
-she just couldn’t get close enough to her love
– They spun around and around until they were both breathless
– this time, however, they wouldn’t be letting go
– held his hand out to her and gave her a half bow. She accepted eagerly
– She sways to the beat
– The pair was gliding around the dance floor
– He twirled and dipped her in the a proper fashion
– swaying in one another’s arms while humming
– met her eyes with an overpowering gaze, he felt himself getting lost
– turned her head away, resting it against his warm chest as his arms wrapped around her back, holding her close.
– together they started to circle and step in time with the music, keeping their eyes locked
– He looks down at the slim hands that are delicately resting in his
– Only the soft music filtered through their bliss.
– as if her hands were moving by themselves as she positioned them over his chest, feeling his steadied breathing.
– used the silent time to enjoy the feel of her in his arms.
-dared to create their own rhythm as they go
– whose flushed face was still obvious in the reduced lighting.
– “Hold on to me and let me lead.”
– enjoying her own space on the floor
– she is swept into his arms and whirled about the dance floor as the orchestra plays
– And so they danced, holding firm to one another and swaying together fluidly
– Each movement is weighed down with fear and pain.
– it made her stomach flutter just the tiniest bit
-He extended his hand, and she dragged him onto the dance floor,
– She could feel each of his fingers press strongly into her back
– the music changed to something slow, which called to intimacy.
-She’s breathless soon enough, and as they move nearer
– her eyes locked on his
– begin tapping out the intricate movements to the beat of the music
– guiding him along to the music until he was finally able to pick up on the rhythm for himself.
-He saw a questioning look in her eyes before she said yes.
– her free it explored the contours of his muscles
-an arm wrapped around her waist, guiding her so subtly that she seems a mere extension of himself.
– dancing much slower than this type of music normally required.
– she instantly clung to his shoulders
– It was as if she was floating on air.
-placing one hand around her back and slipping the other into her hand
– Something about the way her body stretched as she moved
– He wound his arms tightly around her waist, never wanting to relinquish his hold
– a dance of their own, one made up of surprising touches and hastily pulled away gazes
– Felt his arms go around her
-He’d forgotten they were in a room full of people.
– He obviously knew what he was doing as he showed her the moves
– Just them, no one else, lost in their own little world.
– being taken wherever the wind will carry them.
– lights were low and matched her mood
– “Just trust me…move with me”
– painfully yearning for his touch
– and pulled her closer; worrying for a second that she would not welcome this.
– quick-stepped him through an intricate move.
– the music faded away into nothing
– swaying and dipping their hips while moving around in a small circle
– the world was spinning around them
– Her pulse quickens in tune to the beat of his heart
-It did not take him long to figure out the rhythm of the dance
– she willingly let him entwine his strong fingers around her delicate hand.
– as her torso willingly complied
– became acutely aware of how close he was
– She grabbed his tie and tugged him closer bringing his face down to hers
– their eyes closed as they let themselves move in perfect unison with the music
-She had to lean away from him to look up at his face.
– A small smile crept onto his face as he felt her desire to lead
– had forgotten how complete he felt whenever she was near
– She wished the song would never end.
– She responded with a small curtsy and carefully placed her hand in his
-His hands pressed hard against the silk dress covering her back, pushing her petite body against his.
– He moved his other hand slowly as he extended his arm to encircle her back
– The last note of the song played abruptly breaking their suspension in time
– His eyes watch her intently, following her every move.
-tilting her head up and their eyes met, her large expressive ones locking with his intense green ones.
– She needed his warmth, to feel his arms wrapped tightly around her, their hearts beating together.
– Her thighs pressed against his, muscle against muscle
– A soft, slow, romantic tune wafted through the air, coming to rest in the ears of the lovers.
-she felt the thrill of the dance taking over her
-He moved his hand again to her waste line.
-he didn’t want to let go.
– his movements began to match her own
-he felt her body mold to his as they dipped, twirled, and swayed in unison
– battle for dominance as we twirled across the dance floor.
– He gently took hold of her hand and began to dance.
-She tried to concentrate on anything but how his hands were on her waist and how good he smelled.
– She followed him smoothly, as they danced across the floor
– lightly pressed her head against his chest, burying her nose in black coat that smelled of sunflowers
– he felt her body continually become closer to his throughout the dance
– guide her through the textbook dance steps
– He hummed softly in her ears as they held each other ever so tight
– spread his fingers and entwined them into hers
– They were too busy silently inspecting each other and lost in their own thoughts.
– leaned her chin against his chest, smiling imagining sweet music playing in the background
– her head on the his shoulder, as their bodies swayed with the music
– He slowly moved his hand around to her hip pulling her over to himself.
– slides their hand down his muscular arm.
– as the song progressed, she gradually relaxed against him
– He lowered his head and nuzzled her neck, inhaling the lavender scent from her perfume
-needed to distract himself from how close her lips were and how she looked so good in that dress
– Her movements are her escape
-her dance picking up speed and her golden dress flaring out around her ankles.
– He turned their bodies in an elegant, measured swoop
-she dances to her own audience
– never said a word, never let go of the body in his arms.
– her hands clung to his chest to keep himself from falling
– held her as if she would break
– She grew close to him, leaning in and then spun out.
– dances like a flame on a wick, bending and flickering and leaping
– her dark brown hair swirling about her face
– feet tickle the ground as she begins tapping
– he stopped and turned her around.
– the rhythm beating in her chest
– moving, slowly but passionate, in small circles
– He dipped her deeply, then, right at the moment of the crescendo, pulled her up and into a passionate kiss
– their bodies fit together in perfect rhythm with the soft tunes of the music.
– His feet began to move and hers followed with ease
– his fingers laced with hers as he took her dancing.
– He hesitated for a moment and then drew a strong arm about her waist and pulled her to him.
-he ran his hands down her sides and onto her thighs.
-lowered his gaze and tugged her closer to himself, slipping a hand around her waist
– as he held her against him, firmly in place.
– they were still locked in embrace, took slow steps to a tune of the music
– Her lips were inches from his
– she felt the increase of his heartbeat
– were both sure that the other could feel or hear their thudding heartbeats
– Neither noticed that the floor had cleared to watch them.
– His gaze moved down, while he softly caressed the blue dress against her beautiful curves
-feet moving in time to the music playing in her head
– they locked gazes and time itself seemed to have stopped
– a slight tinge at the small of her back where his hand was resting.
– His hand came up gently to grasp her own
– she felt his hand slip around her waist, pulling her slightly closer and she suddenly found herself pressed against his chest

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