How to Write a Seduction Scene


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1. What is the goal of this seduction and how intense will it be?

»A. Depending on whether your character is the target or the seducer will greatly impact this scene.

I. The goal for the seducer may be to break the target, to boost their ego, to prove something, etc. The Target’s goal can be to stay strong, catch the seducer red-handed to warn someone about the person, to manipulate the seducer, and so forth.

II. Give the character(s) a goal and let it be known through their actions or their words. Thoughts can come in handy as well. Intimacy doesn’t always have to be the reason the seducer is seducing. Subjects like money, position of power or even information can go hand in hand.

III. Don’t be afraid to give them multiple goals to enhance the story. Maybe one goal can be won but the other broken. Ex: The seducer wants money and information but only gets information.

»B. Wherever they are doing the deed will affect what they can and cannot do.

I. For example, seduction at a workplace may be more secrete or needs to be done only in certain areas such as a closet or bathroom, perhaps an office with the shades down and doors closed.

II. Seduction with more privacy can have several layers and it allows the characters to fully do what they need or want. They may even be able to conquer the target the first time rather than repeatedly trying to break them.

»C. What makes them seduce?



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