Beauty and the Beast Story Formula (Intro)


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(1)ONCE UPON FOREVER, in an ancient, crumbling palace, two sisters, Love and Death, played their eternal game.

Quick hint of description for the castle (+)Personify a concept, object or idea

(2)Death was mistress of the palace, and any mortal who journeyed to its rusted gates never returned.

Put the personified concept/idea in charge of the castle (x) introduce a sense of fear and danger

(3)Her face was as pale as a shroud; her hair as dark as midnight.

Give detail about the look of the personified idea/concept

(4)She wore a black gown and a hunter’s necklace of teeth, talons, and claws.

Give detail about the outfit and/or jewelry of the personified idea/concept

(5)Her emerald eyes narrowed as she contemplated the chessboard before her.

Connect the character’s look to the activity they are currently doing

“It’s your move,” said Love.

“I’m quite aware of that,” said Death.

“Tick-tock,” said Love.

“Only fools rush Death,” said Death.

Add Dialogue between two characters and don’t forget to slip in a reference to the personified character idea

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